I looked forward to reading this book as the practice of properly allocating assets is critical for investors working toward a given financial goal such as retirement. ‘Asset Allocation’ is one of the first practices I learned on my own journey to financial freedom. The authors of Adaptive Asset Allocation: Dynamic Global Portfolios to Profit… Read Article →

Jenna is a freelance blogger who is mainly focused on business innovation and breaking stories in business. She has been blogging since college where she studied marketing and has merged her love of keying stories into copywriting work as well as plenty of reading and writing for fun! Find and follow her on Twitter! According… Read Article →

Of the similarities between physical fitness and financial fitness, commitment and patience remain constant. Throughout elementary, junior and high school I was active in track, football, basketball, soccer and marching band. Although not a conscious thought, exercise and fitness remained a part of my life. There were games of pick up, softball or bowling with… Read Article →

In my book and in the post Fiscal & Physical Fitness I noted the following: “Just as being physically fit involves two critical components, controlling diet and exercising; being fiscally fit also involves two critical components, controlling debt and investing. That realization prompted me to immediately commit to fiscal fitness, just as I had always… Read Article →

Buying scrap gold sounds like an odd business idea at first because who would scrap something so precious? The term is misleading because gold is valuable and nobody throws it away. Yet every day buyers make a pretty profit, creating an additional stream of income, by purchasing scrap gold from a wide variety of sources…. Read Article →

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