The energy surrounding our current political process, current election cycle & the remaining candidates for president of these United States provide many opportunities for discussion. Aside from belief, political affiliation or lack thereof, our blood runs a shared red. You would be hard pressed to change anyone’s point of view, but if you listen close… Read Article →

Physical and Fiscal Fitness The connection between physical and fiscal fitness has been addressed multiple times here at RetirementSavvy. I noted in Manage Your Fiscal and Physical Fitness that smoking is the most obvious and significant example. Not only are there numerous health consequences associated with smoking, it is an expensive habit. Money used to buy cigarettes cannot… Read Article →

In the past I have noted that people are better served by educating themselves and managing their own money. My belief is that the services of a financial advisor should only be engaged if an individual has very specific questions or is seeking specific guidance and in all cases, the fees being paid to such… Read Article →

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