The following is a guest post from Henry at Fit Well Traveler. After working hard for so many years, you’re ready to enjoy retirement. If you decided part of your plan includes a vacation home, you probably want to find your most affordable option.  Here are some points to ponder. Image courtesy of Pixabay Location,… Read Article →

Valentine’s Day: that time of the year when couples seek romantic diversions…hand-in-hand saunters along glistening promenades…secluded excursions…fabulous meals…exotic views… But what if that sort of romance was easy to find…every day of the year? According to the editors of, there are places where it is. “Some special locales have a certain je ne sais quoi,”… Read Article →

The following is a guest post from Thelma Reese, Ed. D., a passionate expert on retirement. A former English and Education professor, she was a pivotal figure literacy and educational initiatives in Philadelphia: she created and was spokesperson for the Advisory Council for Hooked on Phonics, helped found Philadelphia Young Playwrights, directed the Mayor’s Commission… Read Article →

A group of U.S. chief executive officers earned 140 times more last year than the median workers at their companies, according to a survey that gives a first glimpse of newly required pay ratio disclosures. Thousands of U.S. companies – excluding emerging-growth companies and investment firms – will make their inaugural ratios known for the first… Read Article → has just released its Annual Global Retirement Index for 2018 and identified the five countries with the best healthcare for retirees. Healthcare is one of the most important and hard-to-plan-for costs in retirement. For many Baby Boomers in the United States, it’s the biggest expense they incur in their “golden years”—and it can be… Read Article →

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