Which Is The Best Government Phone Service?

If the US government offers a medical assistance program for people who cannot afford or do not have health insurance to access for quality health care through Medicaid, they offer as well  an access to free government phones for people with low-income through Lifeline Assistance. Moreover, they also provide cheaper and accessible cell phone plans. Hence, here is the best government phone program you can get through the Lifeline Assistance Program.

The best government phone service in the United States depends on where you reside. If you reside in California, EnTouch Wireless Lifeline Cell Phone Provider is the best. This is because of its good network coverage across the state and it covers free cell phones to more than 30 states in America. Moreover, it offers two kinds of plans for California residents.

However, before you may avail of this program, you must be eligible enough to apply, so that you can meet the qualifications set by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). In fact, if you have submitted all the necessary documents, you may be allowed to avail of the free government phone within the week. Otherwise, it will take you 30 days, if you submitted insufficient documents.

How To Apply And Qualify For A Free Government Cell Phone?

The US government has implemented a Life Assistance Program for US citizens laying on the poverty line. Hence, how will you know if you are one of those people who lay on the poverty line? That is why listed below are the qualifications you must meet in order to apply in the program.

1. Income score

Your income score must be below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. This guideline is to determine those who are eligible for certain state programs.

To serve as a proof that you have below 135% income score, you must submit the following documents:

  • Paystub
  • Latest W-2 form or your Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax form
  • Letter from a government agency that you are a member with.
  • This brings you to Requirement #2

2. You must be enrolled in any of the following state’s program

The FCC follows strict guidelines for applicants who wish to qualify for this program. Hence, less hassle for people who are already enrolled in the following state’s program since this is another requirement to become eligible:

Therefore, here are the requirements you must submit to your state’s Lifeline Assistance Program authorities to submit your application, or you may visit their website for further information.

Once you qualified in the program, you may now avail the free government phone and choose the best service provider that is accredited in the Lifeline program. 

Top 3 Best Lifeline Government Phone Providers In California

People residing in California may now enjoy the benefits of the Lifeline Assistance program from different government phone services. These service providers are already accredited by the FCC to provide free government cell phones for those citizens who cannot afford to buy one. 

As a piece of advice, make sure before you submit your application, you have checked the requirements if you are qualified for the assistance program.

Here are the top 3 California best government phone program and services offered by Lifeline Assistance Program.

1. Access Wireless 

If you reside in California, the most popular and recommended Lifeline cell phone provider is the Access Wireless. This is because of its good coverage in the entire state of California, but also it reaches more than 30 states in America.

Moreover, California residents get more privileges than other states.

California Access Wireless Plans:

Government phone 1 (free)
Calls Unlimited
Text Unlimited
Cellular Data 2GB data

Other states Access Wireless Plans:

Government phone 1 (free)
Calls Limited to 1000 minutes/month
Text Unlimited
Cellular Data 200MB data

Access Wireless Compatible Phones

  1. Alcatel OneTouch Pop 3
  2. TracFone LG Fiesta
  3. Jitterbug Flip
  4. Samsung Galaxy S7
  5. LG Optimus Zone 3
  6. Samsung Galaxy J3
  7. Apple iPhone 6
  8. Google Pixel 3 XL-128
  9. Jitterbug Smart2
  10. HTC Desire 626s 

2. EnTouch Wireless

This is an active participant of Lifeline Assistance Program, which is powered by Boomerang Wireless. It provides coverage in more than 20 states including in California wherein Californians have two options to choose and enjoy the plan.

Hence, here is the comparison of the two plans in the state of California.

Free government phone NONE
Unlimited Calls Unlimited Calls
500MB of monthly data 4GB of monthly data
Unlimited Texts Unlimited Texts

As you can see, a non-tribal plan is still way better than a tribal plan, because of the free government phone. You may check their website to check the requirements and other necessary documents to qualify.

Other states EnTouch Wireless Plans:

EnTouch/Boomerang cellphone 1 (free)
Calls Limited to 1000 minutes/month
Text Unlimited
Cellular Data 100MB 4G data

3. Safelink Wireless

This Lifeline Cell phone provider operates in more than 40 states, which covers most states in America. It is a subsidiary of Airvoice Wireless. They offer good network coverage throughout the state.

Android cell phone 1 (free)
Calls Limited to 1000 minutes/month
Text Unlimited
Cellular Data 2GB data

Other services include:

  • Free calling access to 911 and 411
  • Free call to customer care
  • Voicemail

Other states Safelink Wireless Plans:

Free android cell phone 1 (free)
Calls Limited to 1000 minutes/month
Text Unlimited
Cellular Data 1GB data

Just in case you need extra minutes of calls in your plan, you may purchase a TracFone airtime card to any Walmart and Walgreen stores. 

Safelink Wireless Compatible Phones

  1. Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro
  2. ZTE ZFive 2 4G
  3. Alcatel IdealXcite
  4. LG Rebel 4G
  5. ZTE Maven 3
  6. LG Phoenix 3
  7. Alcatel Cameo X 4G
  8. Samsung Galaxy S4
  9. Motorola G4
  10. Samsung Galaxy Sol 4G

Full List Of Government Phone Services

If you’re outside of California and want to know which phone services you can get in your state, here is a table of phone services by state:

Hence, here is a rundown of the government phone services available. Make sure to check which carriers are only specific to your state. 

States Phone Services
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Oklahoma (non-tribal)
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington (not-tribal)
West Virginia

Cheap Alternative Cell Phone Service

If you fail to qualify in the Lifeline Assistance Program, no worries, since there are other cheaper prepaid carriers that offer cheap cell phones with low-cost phone service. 

Here are some to name a few:


This is America’s largest and fastest 4G LTE Network with no speed restrictions that runs on AT&T’s network. They offer low-cost plans, which are very affordable starting with $15 for a month of unlimited global call and text with 500MB of cellular data. 

Gen Mobile

Gen Mobile works with Sprint network, which you can find a plan worth $5 for a month as the cheapest and a $25 monthly plan as the most expensive, which offers unlimited calls within the country and unlimited texts both international and within the country. Moreover, it offers 3GB of monthly cellular data. 

What’s good about Gen Mobile is that they sell secondhand mobile phones, wherein you can buy for $19 a Samsung flip phone, whereas an iPhone 4s can be purchased for $39. Well, it’s not free, yet very affordable.

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