Thinking Money

Documentary: Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind Our Best and Worst Financial Decisions (2014). Now airing on public television stations nationwide in collaboration with American Public Television. In this film, produced by Rocket Media Group, LLC in association with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation and Maryland Public Television, host Dave Coyne leads viewers through an exploration of money and introduces viewers to behavioral economics.

Innovative thinkers and professionals lead an exploration of  why we save – or in many cases, fail to save – and how we think about money. Their experiments and insights into our financial behavior will enlighten and amuse as you learn to recognize how our brains and the marketplace can trick us into spending money we shouldn’t.

It was interesting to see that the film touched on some of the results of poor money decisions (e.g. utilizing payday loans) and behavioral economics, topics nicely covered in past SavvyRecommendationsSpent: Looking For Change (available on YouTube) and Saving For Tomorrow, Tomorrow (available on TED Talks) respectively.

The wife and I watched the documentary two nights ago on our local PBS station and it is absolutely worth an hour of your time. Check out your local American Public Television (APT) station to find when it is playing on a station near you.

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