Retirement Living

There a number of factors when considering where to retire. The wife and I have two overriding priorities with respect to where we will retire. First, we have to enjoy the climate and environment. Second, we will not go into retirement with a mortgage. Moving, and committing to paying a new mortgage, after we retire is not an option for us. Of course, what weight to apply to the various factors (e.g. taxes, climate, lifestyle, etc.) will differ for all. is a convenient, easy-to-use resource designed to assist individuals in planning and making decisions about their retirement. The information offered is of particular value when deciding whether or not to move, and if so, finding the right location, lifestyle and housing opportunity.

The  website provides access to an array of resource materials, including reports on great places to retire, tax information on each state, monthly reports on new retirement communities, an online newsletter, books and online publications, a guide to state aging agencies, access to information about special assistance products and services, and links to online stores.

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