Prepped and Ready for Game of Thrones

If you ever visit my home, you will note that I often have a television on. However, I’m rarely ‘watching’ television. My televisions often serve as nothing more than a source of background noise. Between the 9 to 5, working out, spending time with friends and family, and managing this blog, there really isn’t a lot of time. Moreover, most of the content on television is a waste of time.

However, I do seek out worthwhile documentaries to stream when I have some down time – most of which can be found on the Recommendations & Reviews page – and I’m typically engaged with one or two shows at a time. I recently finished the first season of River, a dark, cerebral detective show; and the second season of The Returned[Les Revenants] – the original French version, not the terrible American remake – both available on Netflix.


Now I turn my attention to Game of Thrones, season six, which premiers tonight on HBO. Getting ready for the premier requires preparing the home theater and ensuring the software on the PlayStation is updated.



Lights, cameras, and action. Stay Savvy, my friends!


James retired in 2005 after serving 21 years in the United States Army. During the latter part of his career, James' interest in personal finance was piqued based on his own experiences and observations of the way most Americans plan – or more accurately, fail to plan – for retirement and the difficulty many face in starting the process. His most valued education has been lessons learned from personal experience and through conversations with smart, savvy friends.

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