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BrianI am pleased that Brian, a long time SavvyReader and supporter of the blog, has agreed to share his thoughts on retirement.


Vocation is rooted in the Latin word for voice, loosely translated it means a summons or call. The word has been secularized and reduced to meaning job or work.

Work, an inescapable reality for most of us. At times we feel that our lives are enhanced by it and at others depleted by it. SavvyJames, Blogger-in-Chief, asked an important question about retirement.

At what age do you plan to (or did you) retire? SavvyPoll Number Three

My response was never.

As I approached expanding my answer I thought about how differently many view retirement. I have 15 years of service with my current employer and I will retire from working for a living. Finally free to do all the things seemingly put off because of other life demands, the quality of [my] life will be powered by the energy from all of the things I love to do.

For my second career, I plan not to attach too much value to money, but rather make money through artistic pursuits.

“Find out what you love to do and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

After working most of our lives to obtain our financial objectives and then finally having reached that goal, we look to retire with peace of mind. There may be a long list of things we want to experience, however the initial freedom can quickly fade.

Retirement is a long-term endeavor and because we have become SavvyReader’s we understand the importance of being fiscally and physically fit, for most of us that translates into a retirement that could last more than twenty-five years. Having reached this concluding goal, I do not want to find myself bored or unfulfilled.

TramuelEternal Student

There is no line between vocation and avocation. I love learning and will often immerse myself in new technology. Exploring its use and utility in my life. That applied knowledge will provide opportunities for service, the service will provide an opportunity for income; whether it is technology, reading/writing or photography… the possibilities are infinite.

I look forward to my transformation from work to vocation.

Listen to the voice that calls you.

I Am

Brian shares his thoughts on the beauty in art objects, nature and people – and the inspiration they provide – in his online journal,

Blogger-in-Chief here at RetirementSavvy and author of Sin City Greed, Cream City Hustle and RENDEZVOUS WITH RETIREMENT: A Guide to Getting Fiscally Fit.


  1. Thank you for the opportunity to share James. It has sparked conversation [good] among friends and family.

    & thanks to Stylez for reading and coming through to share his thoughts.
    I know with my lifestyle, I want to have “things a certain way” until I expire!

    I understand this completely coming from him, it is all about family and they share in a very active life.

    Live well.

    • I can relate to the idea of having things a certain way until I expire. For me, acquiring wealth is not necessarily about having material things – although I do like appreciate some of the finer things – it is about having the ability to enjoy the things I desire (e.g. time with family, travel, recreation, etc.) on my terms. It is about having choices. The reality is that if you do not work your way into a position of attaining financial security as you approach retirement age, whether you actually retire or not, your choices diminish.

      A great post, Brian that provides tremendous food for thought.

  2. I’m a first-time RetirementSavvy reader, and a long time fan of Mr. Tramuel, so I had to come by and check out the article! As usual, Tram has blown me away with his insight, knowledge and opinion! I wasn’t sure what to find in his answer, when I saw the title, knowing what I do about his occupation. But I was completely awed and smiling in agreement with the result! I COMPLETELY and utterly agree that I can find my vocation, and become fulfilled personally, spiritually and financially in one swoop, if I plan and execute this plan, as Tram suggested! I never thought of retirement in that way, but now I already team with ideas and thoughts of how I can make that work and feel good about my retirement years… instead of the fear and dread I’ve felt for years! Especially since my original thought on “what age do you plan to (or did you) retire” was also “NEVER”! But only because in my short sight, I only contemplated working at my current job, or similar company, until I died, since I know with my lifestyle, I want to have “things a certain way” until I expire! But now I think a little different and have a better outlook on this retirement period! Thanks Mr. Tramuel!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Willie. Like you, I am a fan of Mr. Tramuel and believe he has a lot to offer through his words. He is a long-time reader of this blog, definitely among the first to comment, and I am absolutely appreciative of his support. If you haven’t already done so, check out his SavvyInterview, conducted earlier this year.

      Thanks for stopping by. If you have an interest in personal finance and retirement planning and are anxious to perhaps learn a little more, I hope you will stop by more often. Take care.

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