The Silver App

Created by graduates of Wharton and the Harvard Business School, Silver was born out of the frustration of receiving an overwhelming influx of credit card offers.

With constantly fluctuating rates and available services, the developers of the Silver mobile app understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to research and compare the plethora of credit cards that exist in the market.

This new mobile application helps users find the best credit cards in seconds, view relevant details and even lets users apply directly from their mobile device. With Silver, users can stay on top of their credit cards so they never miss a renewal or get hit with annual fee & interest fees again.

Silver uses a unique algorithm to ensure finding the credit cards that make the most sense is quick and painless. Users answer a short questionnaire that reveals what they are looking for in a credit card. From better interest rates to exclusive services and perks, Silver reviews users’ answers to provide them with a comprehensive list of credit cards that match their needs. Hundreds of cards can be instantly compared using the app’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Once users find the cards they are interested in, they can view card details, apply and even be instantly approved from their mobile device.

Silver is available for free on Android and iOS. Take a quick trip to YouTube to view the official trailer.

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