The Cost of Living Comfortably a personal finance comparison and education site, recently released a report regarding how much people must earn to live comfortably in 78 U.S. cities.

The report, which took into account home value, non-housing expenditure, non-mortgage debt, interest rate, monthly payments and required salary, provides considerable insight into the affordability of living across the United States.

Some key takeaways from the report:

  • San Francisco topped the list, with a huge salary of $180,600 required simply to buy an average home costing $1,119,500
  • The cheapest city analyzed was Jackson, MS, where citizens can live comfortably on $43,265
  • According to the US Census Bureau, the average wage in the US in 2013 was $52,250
  • According to their research, this is a sufficient income to live in 36 out of 78 of the cities analyzed
  • Californian cities took four places in the top 10 most expensive cities analyzed

The complete report can be found at

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