I Have Bad Credit Can I Still Borrow Money for My Business?

Borrowing money has become part of life, and there are different reasons why individuals do that today. Having a debt can be among the worst nightmares, especially if you have borrowed more than you can afford. But taking a loan when you desperately need cash lessens your worries. Most probably, you are feeling helpless because you are still in need of money, yet you have bad credit. But having bad credit does not mean you are not eligible for loans. You can still borrow money for your business. 

 Getting financing for your business is not easy, yet not impossible. You only need to be careful with the choices that you make. In this state, you are desperate, and getting money is your primary concern. If you are not careful, you might end up making a decision that will cause more harm to your financial status. As already stated, you can still borrow money for your business even with bad credit. Let us see the options that you have. 

Seek Help from Friends and Family 

 “Blood is thicker than water,” they say. If you have ever been in a terrible situation and got help from your loved ones, you know what this means. During hard times, family and friends strengthen and support others. In case you need some cash for your business, friends can easily understand your situation and come to your aid. 

 When facing financial problems, share with your family members or close friends. Make it known to them what you are going through. Be direct and ask them for financial help. Tell them you intend to use the funds for business purposes.  

 True friends are affirmed when money problems strike. Swallow your pride and approach your loved ones. Avoid taking a huge loan, which will be a problem to pay off! For sure, you don’t want debts to come between you and your loved one. Money can ruin your relationship in big time. Once you are granted a loan, start working out on how to repay. Do you need a loan? Why not click here for more affordable rates? 

Consider Taking Microloans 

 Microloans are one of the least expensive options. They are issued by individuals rather than banks. It is effortless to apply for, though it is only applicable when you want a small and short-term loan. The idea of a microfinance loan is meant to empower borrowers by assisting them in doing a business that can generate income and grow. If you want to start a small business that requires little capital, go for it. The only problem is that these loans have high-interest rates. Therefore, be smart enough to pay back immediately your business produces cash. Paying in installments is allowed. 

You can get as low as $50,000. This might be a minimal amount for your financing, but it is a rescuer at this critical status that you are in.  

Peer To Peer Lending  

This is a money lending program that is carried out by investors online. A group of investors comes up with a platform to contribute loans to people. The platforms link borrowers to prospective investors. Examples of such programs are funding circle, lending club, and street shares. An individual gets a loan within a short time once they are matched to the investors.  

Nevertheless, interest rates are very high. Keep in mind that you are already in a crisis, so don’t be fooled to take a high loan with high interest. It will be the worst decision for you. The advantage is that you can borrow any amount you want. For a business person who wants to build a business with considerable capital, try this. Only do this when you are sure that your business will be profitable, and it will pay off the money. 

Merchant Cash Advance 

Do you need cash within a very short time? A merchant cash advance will solve your problem. It is an acknowledged organization that lends money according to the estimated sales. Meaning that the amount of money given to you depends on the predicted outcome of your business. With this kind of platform, you can pay the loan in two ways. It is up to you to decide the one that suits you in your situation. One way is that your loan is paid from your future credit card. Alternatively, you can repay by allowing transfers from your account every month. 

Borrow From Your Clients 

Getting a loan from the clients’ sounds ridiculous! Surprisingly, it works. In every business, there is always one client who is faithful and never disappoints. The client has been doing business with you for a long time. Hence he or she knows how your business works and how you make profits. This potential customer knows how your business is profitable because he has seen the progress made.  

Therefore, asking for help from him or her shouldn’t be difficult. Talk genuinely when explaining your situation. Agree on how you will pay back and the period needed to clear off the debt. You will be surprised at how this turns out. You can agree to be giving out free services to that client until your debt is clear. Although this will lead to some losses in your business, it can be an option at this particular time.  

The Bottom Line 

Borrowing money with bad credit is hard. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. It would help if you were ready to pay more. The interests will be higher. Before you take any loan, ensure you are familiar with the terms and conditions of the lender. Doing so helps you to plan yourself accordingly and go for the right lender. However, this may put your business at high risks that may end up worsening your financial crisis.  

Consult your friends, family, and even other business partners about the loan options. Settle on what will have good results in the end. Follow the preferences mentioned at the outset of this article and be sure of getting the best solution!

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