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Soul Over Matter provides a non-traditional approach to traveling the road to financial freedom. Authors Adam Markel, attorney and CEO of New Peaks – a personal and business development company – and ‘soul healer’ Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha, combine ancient Eastern and modern Western wisdom; and focus on the role of soul in creating abundance.

In the Introduction, Markel describes his first meeting with Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha at an event he was leading in California. Markel was initially somewhat skeptical when Sha asked if he might offer a blessing to the attendees. Markel was focused on the idea that he wanted the attendees’ first experience with New Peaks and his message to be a positive one. Perhaps rightfully so, he was not sure how a message of spirituality and healing might be received.

Overcoming his apprehension, Markel permitted Sha to deliver his blessing and was glad he did. He notes, “Master Sha delivered a blessing that was not only magnificent on its own, but also created an intensely scared space for us [the attendees] to work in for the next three days.”

So began their relationship.

Before Soul Over Matter

Part One of the book serves as a foundation of sorts for the remainder of the book and is comprised of three chapters: Mind Over MatterA Brief History of Money, and Karmic Life and Business. The first chapter discusses the works of Charles Haanel and Napoleon Hill in establishing the importance of a proper mind-set and attitude in a quest to create wealth, health, and happiness. Despite the negative connotations now associated with the phrase, the authors believe it really is a matter of mind over matter.

The chapter finishes by noting two key ideas. First, good deeds and good thoughts are rewarded. Second, the universe is infinitely abundant. Any scarcities which are perceived are man-made, the majority of which can be resolved by man. These ideas give way to the second chapter and a discussion about money.

As the title of the chapter suggests, there is a brief discussion regarding the history of money. However, the takeaway from the second chapter is that money is about the future. It allows human beings to plan, create, and trade. Physical goods and resources can be transformed into storable, durable, lightweight currency in numerous forms: paper, checks, credit cards, etc. In short, money is a tool that allows resourceful individuals to overcome any perceived scarcities.

Part One finishes with the third chapter and a very basic idea, also tied to scarcity. Because of the perceived scarcity noted earlier, we tend to operate in an us-versus-them competitive mind-set. The authors suggest that if we are able to adopt a karmic approach to life and business, we can achieve greater success by collaborating and not competing.

Soul Over Matter

In the second part of the book, the authors posit that with respect to business and finances, soul over matter means the soul can create financial abundance. The root of that financial abundance? An individual’s good personal karma and good ancestral karma from all lifetimes. Conversely of course, if one is lacking financially, the cause can be traced to their negative personal and ancestral karma.


Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Create Unlimited Abundance

To conclude the book, the authors provide an eight step process – what they describe as Action Steps – for creating financial abundance. Some of the steps, and the sub-parts to the steps, will be familiar to most readers. As an example the first Action Step involves a review of your finances and developing a new plan. Others such as Action Step Seven – review your personal mission and goals and match them against your allocation of time, effort and resources – may not be as intuitive or familiar to some readers.

Available at Amazon, readers can choose between Kindle and Hardcover formats. While I like many of the ideas conveyed in the book, it’s hard to recommend a purchase at the current prices, $11.99 and $16.53 respectively. Keep an eye out for any price reductions and if the idea of applying ancient Eastern wisdom to your quest for financial freedom sounds intriguing, snatch up a copy.

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