Running on the 4th of July

As I noted in a recent post about Tough Mudder events, I have run one marathon, a team marathon, a handful of half-marathons, and lots of 10k and 5k runs. Often the wife and I will travel outside of our local area to participate in such events. The marathon I ran was in San Francisco, the team marathon in San Diego, and the last 10k I ran was in a suburb of Denver.

For this 4th of July however, we’re going to stay close to home. In fact, the event starts just around the corner from our home; we can walk to the start line in a matter of minutes.

Our alma mater, Wayland Baptist University, is hosting a 4th of July 5k run. The event will raise money to support our nation’s veterans – as a veteran, an effort I strongly support – by giving all of the proceeds to the Sierra Vista Chapter of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). In addition to the 5k, there will be a 1-mile walk.


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While it isn’t a significant distance, a 5k run is a great way to stay active and start the day on our nation’s 240th birthday.

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