Advice on how to budget and spend wisely

Build Your Fiscal Foundation

As with physical, mental, and spiritual fitness, achieving fiscal fitness pays tremendous dividends. The essential elements of a sound fiscal foundation? Maintain a spending plan, minimize debt, establish an emergency fund, and contribute to retirement plans. Maintaining a spending plan means itemizing current expenses. Doing so allows you to carefully track how much money you are taking in during a given …

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Utilizing ‘my’ Social Security Account

Understanding your Social Security benefits is a Savvy use of your time. The Social Security Administration website can be a useful tool as you prepare for retirement. Beyond that, it can also serve as a useful tool during the period you spend in retirement. Previously, the Social Security Administration mailed paper statements to most worker …

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Banking at Walmart

A couple of months ago I recommended Spent: Looking for Change, a 2013 documentary – sponsored by American Express and narrated by Tyler Perry – which focused on everyday Americans shut out of the finance system most of us take for granted. Available for viewing on the Spent Movie website and YouTube, the documentary noted that many of these Americans turn to …

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Broke: Struggling to Remain Financially Solvent

Documentary:The Water Front (2007). This short documentary (53 minutes), tells the story of a Detroit suburb, known as the birthplace of the auto-industry. Before Detroit, its appointed emergency city manager Kevin Orr, and its financial collapse, there was Highland Park. In June 2001, due to the city’s mounting fiscal crisis, an emergency financial manager was …

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An Economy of the Future?

Documentary: Fixing the Future (2012). In this documentary, David Brancaccio asks the question, “Do people exist to serve the economy, or should the economy exist to serve the people?” Mr. Brancaccio visits people and organizations across the country that are attempting to reinvent the American economy at the grass root level. These pioneers look to create jobs and build …

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