A SavvyInterview – Erin Warren

Erin Warren is the senior vice president of marketing at Splender, a unique online cash back shopping site that is part of Cartera Commerce. In this role, Erin is responsible for leading marketing strategies and execution to acquire, engage and retain customers for Splender’s cash-back shopping site.  As a marketing veteran with more than 15 years of experience, Erin has always been motivated by the opportunity to enhance the way companies execute their marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

RetirementSavvy: Some readers may not be familiar with ‘Cash Back Sites.’ Can you please provide some background on the history?

Erin Warren: Cash back sites were designed to reward users for their online shopping—to offer them an incentive to buy online at top retailers. The average American is enrolled in some sort of rewards program, whether it is at their local gas station or grocery store, and cash back sites were designed to offer similar rewards. When a consumer uses a cash back site, such as  Splender, they’re receiving deals from hundreds of major retailers where commission on each sale is paid back to the consumer.

RS: How does Splender work?

EW: Splender is easy to use and easy to navigate. Joining Splender is free, and users first must register on the website, creating their account. Once the account is set up and members have logged in, they can begin to browse our extensive list of over 800 online stores and their latest deals, coupon codes and shipping offers. Members then click on the desired store or offer, where they will be directed to the store’s website to shop as they normally would. Upon check out, members can use coupon codes from Splender, if provided. Once they make a qualifying purchase, the designated cash back amount will be rewarded. Members will receive a confirmation email, usually within five days and will receive their payout monthly (either in a check or to a PayPal account) once their available balance has reached $10. It’s that simple.

RS: What makes Splender different from other cash back sites?

EW: Splender is different from other cash back sites for several reasons. First, Splender is offered by Cartera Commerce, the largest provider of company-based online shopping loyalty programs for banks, airlines and other loyalty programs. This gives Splender the strong backing of an established company with a great track record of offering industry-leading rewards programs.

Other cash back sites can take several months to reward members with their cash back. Splender gives its members cash back faster, with monthly payouts after reaching just $10 in available earnings.

Another thing that sets Splender apart is our user experience. Other cash back sites are often cluttered with untargeted ads, which can confuse and overwhelm members with information. Our simple and clean design makes it easy for users to find stores and products, allowing members to start earning money immediately.

RS: Is a Splender app available for mobile users? If so, which platforms?

EW: Yes, we just released the first version of the Splender app. It is currently available on both iPhone and iPad. Being that it’s still in the first stages, we’re actively working on more features and looking forward to new updates in the coming months. For now, the app allows users to shop, earn cash back and favorite stores that are important to them so that they can easily access cash-back rates as well as hot coupons and sales being offered.

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