Year-End Tax Deductions and Action for Healthy Kids

As 2017 makes its way into the rear view mirror, you should be looking for ways to reduce your tax bill. If you itemize your taxes, donating to charities from a taxable account is an excellent approach. This is particularly true if you can contribute appreciated securities you have held in your account for at least a year. Doing so not only entitles you to a tax deduction – assuming you qualify – but also allows you to help eliminate the capital gains tax.

Every morning, kids around the country line up at bus stops, navigate crosswalks, and make their way to school. It’s the start of a normal day for millions of kids in America.  But statistics tell us that one out of six of these children probably began their day on an empty stomach.

For many of these kids, skipping breakfast wasn’t an option. They missed breakfast because they didn’t have enough food at home. And this is the reality for far too many kids in America today. According to the most recent data from the United States Department of Agriculture, nearly 13 million children face hunger in our country. This can be especially devastating to children because of its potential for long-term consequences to their health, academics and future outcomes.

Despite the proven effectiveness of school breakfast, there remains a gap between the number of kids who participate in school lunch (30.4 million last year) and who participate in school breakfast (14.1 million last year). Schools are addressing the various barriers the prevent kids from taking advantage of a school breakfast through innovative alternative breakfast programs.

Aaron Burden

When you support the school breakfast program, you impact issues that affect students: hunger, absenteeism, behavior, concentration, and academic performance. By ensuring schools have the resources they need to serve school breakfast, you are giving over 135,000 students an academic and health advantage.

Kellog’s, the long-time sponsor for Action for Healthy Kids, is matching all donations up to $10,000 through the end of the year. Lower your tax bill and contribute to a worthy cause by donating at Action for Healthy Kids.

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  1. We live in rural wisconsin and our kid’s school has various programs for the less fortunate children. It breaks my heart. We often see kids get picked up by parents and the kids will be under-dressed for the weather. I see other parents “look” but instead of judging, I can’t help but think other issues are at play. It’s sad.

    • No doubt there are a myriad of factors/issues at play. My approach is to assist directly for those within my sphere of influence and to assist indirectly for those outside of my sphere by contributing to worthwhile charities. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, my friend.

  2. Thank you, James. Very sobering post today.

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