The Successful Launch of a New Car Club

In a recent post, Starting a Car Club, I posed the question, “What’s a man to do when he can’t find a club which would be a good fit for his new car and desire to be a part of a like-minded community?” My answer was to start his own car club.

Cochise County Roadsters [CCR] Charter Members

Considering there aren’t many Fiat 124 Spiders out there – I have yet to run across another on the road in the three months I’ve owned mine – a ‘Fiat Spider’ club was far too narrow and convertibles in general (four-seater convertibles are generally terrible looking) was more broad than I desired. Additionally, I live in a smaller community so I didn’t want to limit the club to just my home town. Ultimately the answer was a roadster club which references/includes the entire county.

The initial Meet & Greet was this past Saturday at the local park. In addition to listing the event on Facebook, I listed the event on Craig’s List, and distributed a few flyers. I felt as if four or five people showed up I would consider it a success and there would probably be enough interest to move forward and grow the club.

Great news! Nine people showed up and are now considered Charter Members of the Cochise County Roadsters car club. Between the nine, the roadsters on hand included: Fiat 124 Spider (Lusso), Fiat 124 Spider (Abarth), Audi TT, Mazda Miata, Chevy Corvette (x2) and Saturn Sky (x2).

The Charter Members were primarily from the city in which I reside, the largest city in the county, but we also had two people from an active adult community in a neighboring city. They are excited about the chance to engage with a new group and appreciative of another option to stay busy in retirement.

Arizona State Highway 83 – Sonoita – Google Maps [Tim Koppenhaver]

We’ve already scheduled our first ride, the ‘Sonoita Breakfast Run’ next month. The ride will take us over a couple different state highways and through the Coronado National Forest (a few rolling hills) here in the high desert of Southeastern Arizona. I’m certain it will be a blast.

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  1. Nice job getting people together who have a fun, common interest! Can’t wait to see photos of your Sonoita Breakfast Run.

  2. Nice! Nothing like an open road in a convertible. That first drive sounds fun.

    • It’s a nice drive, particularly the section in the image. I’m already planning a Route 66 Ride Across Arizona next spring. You’re more than welcome to join us. You could alway fly out, rent a two-seater … or better yet, you have a few months to buy one and drive on out 😉

      Route 66 - Arizona

  3. James, GREAT news! Sincerely pleased you had such a strong response to your first meeting. Looking forward to pictures from your Breakfast Run! Excellent stuff!

    • Thanks, my friend. It looks like we have some people that are really interested in building a ‘roadster’ community. I’m looking forward to future drives and interactions.

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