The Seminar Pitch

Seminar Invitation

We received this in the mail a few days ago. This is the second pitch to attend a seminar that we have received in the last six months. While this latest pitch is focused on saving money by reducing your energy costs, the first was focused on helping with planning as you approach retirement. If I remember correctly, there was a blurb about reverse mortgages.

I actually called and reserved a spot when we received the first invitation. It was never my intention to buy whatever they were selling, but to in fact write a blog post about the experience. Alas, another engagement came up at the last minute and my wife could not attend. As you can see from this invitation, and was the case with the first, if you are married, husband and wife must attend.

I have no intention of attending this seminar, however, I would probably attend one in the future if the financial niche they are trying to exploit was interesting enough. I have attended timeshare seminars in the past and I imagine the pitch is very similar. Again, I would have no intention of buying what they are selling, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a free meal, and as a personal finance blogger, just listening to the pitch designed to separate people from their money.

I would be interested in hearing from readers that have received similar invitations and attended a seminar.

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