The Middle Class in Atlanta

The middle class has taken a beat down as income inequality has grown. More at the top and bottom. A thinner middle. It’s true all over, and it’s true in Atlanta – where On Point recently conducted a broadcast as part of their national listening tour.

Guests include Adria Welcher, sociology professor from Morehouse College, Nan Orrock, Democratic state senator representing parts of Atlanta and Greg Williams, a local mortgage broker and radio show host … Listen to the podcast

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  1. Thanks for the link to On Point, James. Very interesting. And very tough problem. How do we fix globalization? How do we fix culture, specifically as it relates to unwed motherhood and opioid addiction? I certainly don’t have the answers. And it doesn’t appear our best and brightest have the answers either. Sigh.

    • No doubt it’s a tough problem. However, I believe it starts with a closer examination of our politics, what drives the resultant policies – race/racism in a lot of cases – and the way in which we practice capitalism … which of course often feeds back into policy.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by, my friend and glad you enjoyed the podcast.

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