The Economic Insecurity of Families with Young Children

Report: The Parent Trap: The Economic Insecurity of Families with Young Children (2016). In this report, Demos experts Amy Traub, Robert Hiltonsmith, and Tamara Draut take a close look at the economic conditions facing parents of young children. They explore the demographics and economic data on households with children under five years of age and use regression analysis to examine the differences between households with young children, those with no children, and households where all children have reached school age.

They consider the especially difficult circumstances facing single parents – particularly single mothers – and parents of color; and they investigate how policies in the workplace and the larger economy – including unstable work schedules, a lack of paid leave, low pay, employment discrimination, and a severe shortage of high-quality, affordable childcare – exacerbate the pressures that leave parents trapped. And finally, they discuss the actions both private employers and public policymakers can take to better support families with young children and enable hard-working parents to escape this trap and raise their families without facing severe hardship.

Check out the full report – which is available for download – on the Demos site.

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  1. Children certainly add responsibility, and financial burden. We were in a bit of sticker shock when we had twins just in diapers and formula alone. It takes careful planning and not just giving in to ever need when raising children. Our three are now teenagers and college looms.

    • You hit the nail on the head with respect to planning. Any major endeavor requires a well constructed plan; and the discipline to implement and manage it. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts, my friend.

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