The C Word

Documentary: The C Word (2017). All would agree that cancer is no laughing matter. However, executive producer Morgan Freeman – who also narrates – and director Meghan L. O’Hara argue that the archaic way we are trying to beat it is.

At the heart of the documentary are the stories of two cancer survivors, the director Meghan O’Hara and French neuroscientist Dr. David Servan-Schreiber. Dr. Servan-Schreiber makes the profound case that our focus needs to shift from reacting, and then treating cancer, once it is diagnosed, to prevention. The key, or more accurately the keys, to being more proactive and helping your body prevent the rise of cancer?

The Four Pillars

Regular readers of this blog know that I am a strong advocate for the pillars identified by Dr. Servan-Schreiber. On multiple occasions I have written about the fact that preparing for retirement is more, much more than a numbers game and simply accumulating as much money as possible.

Final Thoughts

Total well-being and holistic retirement preparation involves many aspects including working on your physical fitness, avoiding or quitting smoking, eating better, and minimizing or avoiding stressors such as debt. Give yourself the best chance possible to prevent cancer and prepare for a fantabulous retirement. Sounds like a winner to me! Read more about the film on its website and stream it via Netflix.

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  1. How timely. A very good friend of mine’s daughter just got diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s only 27. Thanks for reminding us about the four pillars. And thanks for alerting us to this important documentary.

    • Hopefully there is great news in the young lady’s future. I’ve longed believed that while some things are out of control, there are plenty of things within our control and in our best interest to do what we can to help ourselves.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion James! I just read your blog for ideas now. It saves me so much time finding something I would enjoy on Netflix!

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