The Benefits of Bike Riding

Riding and running are two of the aerobic activities the wife and I practice as a means of improving our physical fitness. While we enjoy both, they each certainly have their pros and cons.

Outside of good shoes, a must, there aren’t a lot of expenses associated with running. Additionally, a significant benefit of running is it can be done without a lot of preparation and a good workout can be had in 20 minutes. Rolling out of bed first thing in the morning, throwing on some shorts, a shirt, lacing up the shoes and getting in a 2 – 3 mile run before work takes very little time out of the day.

Running and Riding

Conversely, riding can be considerably more expensive, the preparation for each ride, and the ride itself, takes more time. While a good run can take a mere 25 minutes – preparation and execution – out of your day, a comparable ride (i.e. aerobic benefits) might take more than an hour.

Specialized Bike

His Trusty Mount

Trek Bike

Her Trusty Mount

Aerobic Activity

While the benefits of running are many, the activity has the potential to take its toll on the body. Biking, on the other hand, is far lower impact and engages the muscles in the legs without as much force coming down on the knees, ankles, and feet.

As with other aerobic activities, riding is a great way to increase your stamina and endurance, reduce stress, reduce risk of heart disease, strengthen bones and joints, strengthen your immune system, decrease your appetite, decrease your blood pressure, and decrease your bad (LDL) cholesterol while increasing your good (HDL) cholesterol.

Considering the time involved with each activity, the wife and I typically run prior to work on weekdays and get in our bike rides on weekends … such was the case today. As the moon lingered and as the sun started to rise at 6:25 this morning, off we went.

Lingering Moon

A Lingering Moon

Rising Sun

The Rising Sun

One hour and a little over 12 miles later we returned home for a banana, apple, pineapple, and blueberry breakfast smoothie.

Post-Ride Smoothie

 Final Thoughts

Whether you ride or run … or both, the most important thing is to do something. Keep moving and improving. Stay savvy, my friends and live well.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful ride James! We just haven’t done much riding in our area. We have very few places to ride that feel safe. We know two people who have lost their lives riding (getting hit by drunk/distracted drivers) and even though we know the chances are slim, we just struggle to do it. I know there are places in the country that have much better riding routes. Our hope is to get riding more as we wind down into retirement though!

    • It was a great ride. The weather is absolutely perfect this time of year. So terrible to hear about your friends. This area is pretty good with respect to rider safety. In addition to the fact it’s a small community (pop. 45,000) which means less vehicular traffic compared to larger, more densely packed communities, there are a high percentage of riders – and runners – in the area and people are pretty courteous when it comes to respecting the right of riders to share the road … although clearly, not a lot can be done about drunk/distracted drivers.

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