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Jenna is a freelance blogger who is mainly focused on business innovation and breaking stories in business. She has been blogging since college where she studied marketing and has merged her love of keying stories into copywriting work as well as plenty of reading and writing for fun! Find and follow her on Twitter! According… Read Article →

United Kingdom – A recent report from McCarthy & Stone entitled, ‘Generation Stuck: Exploring the Reality of Downsizing in Later Life’, suggests that a lack of downsizing options for the over 55s is creating what they term, ‘Generation Stuck.’ The report highlighted that one in three (33%) of the UK’s homeowners aged 55 and over… Read Article →

First, the basic definition. ‘Net worth’ is the amount by which assets exceed liabilities. While the term has value and meaning for businesses, it is largely a useless metric for individual families. Why? Because two ‘assets’ that people love to include in their calculation of net worth are their homes (I’m referring to primary residences… Read Article →

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