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Climbing the Retirement Mountain: And Getting Down the Other Side Paperback: 138 pages Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2017) Andrew Rafal is Founder and President of Bayntree wealth Advisors. His co-author, Calvin Goetz, is Co-founder and Partner at Strategy Financial Group. In the book’s preface they note the book’s objective is to share with readers the ideas and… Read Article →

The following is a guest post from Andrew Denney, founder and CEO of Prosperity Financial Group. Andrew has more than 13 years’ experience in the finance industry, where he advises clients in such areas as retirement planning, asset protection, estate planning and wealth management. Look Beyond the Red Tape Setting up a retirement plan for their… Read Article →

The following is a guest post from Joshua Mellberg, President and Founder of J.D. Mellberg Financial. He is an Investment Advisory Representative and licensed insurance agent. He is a sought-after speaker on retirement income planning strategies and has been featured on CNBC, PBS and Yahoo! Finance. Americans are increasingly glum about the odds they will… Read Article →

The following is a guest post from Dan Carter, an Investment Advisor Representative for Safeguard Investment Advisory Group. Dan has 18 years experience in the insurance and estate planning industry. Dan also is the radio host for a financial radio program, ‘The Big Picture Radio Show,’ on KVTA 1590, Ventura County’s Gold Coast ‘News Talk’ station…. Read Article →

Maybe. How do you know? If you have not developed a detailed plan that looks at all the critical factors – projected expenses, years until retirement, current savings/investments, projected return on investments, projected sources of passive income, current savings rate, and withdrawal rate – it’s possible. In fact, if you have not developed a detailed… Read Article →

WASHINGTON—Wide differences in access to and participation in employer-based retirement plans exist across states, with variations by employer size and industry type as well as by workers’ income, age, education, race and ethnicity, according to a report released today by The Pew Charitable Trusts. The report, Who’s In, Who’s Out: A Look at Access to… Read Article →

Robert “Bobby” Monks is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and led nineteen businesses in the financial services, real estate, media, and technology sectors. He was chairman of Spinnaker Trust, managing over $1 billion in assets; chairman of Institutional Shareholder Services and Proxy Monitor, the two largest corporate governance and proxy voting services; and founder… Read Article →

The ‘it’ is achieving financial freedom. Soon after the one year anniversary of this blog, in the post, Talking Personal Finance in Public Forums, I discussed my thoughts following the publication of my first book and one year’s experience managing the blog; and participating in personal finance conversations across multiple social media platforms. I noted… Read Article →

As Congress prepares to finish up the $1.1. trillion spending bill required to keep the government open, a deal that will significantly impact pension plans is coming into focus. If you believe this deal is about ‘saving’ or ‘fixing’ pensions,  you haven’t been paying attention.The Congressional proposal would allow plans that are projected to run… Read Article →

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