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The following is a guest post from Dan Carter, an Investment Advisor Representative for Safeguard Investment Advisory Group. Dan has 18 years experience in the insurance and estate planning industry. Plenty of things can kill the romance in a relationship. But traditionally, money and all the complications that come with it sit near the top of the list. I’ve… Read Article →

Press Release: Years of hard work, planning and saving will pay off for retirement but then leaving it for your children and grandchildren could ruin their lives. During the recent elections, there was discussion about possibly changing the estate tax thresholds. The recommendation has been to raise the estate tax from its current $5.45 million… Read Article →

The following is a guest post from Jaime Cowper, president of Unity Financial Advisors, and an Investment Advisor Representative under Alphastar Capital Management, an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm. A lifetime of hard work may have rewarded you with a nice home and hefty bank accounts, but what happens to all those assets once you’re gone?… Read Article →

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