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Interactive Presentation: The Poor Kids of Silicon Valley (2015). John D. Sutter – Presented in a slide show/video interactive format, this CNN opinion piece focuses its gaze on poverty in one of the wealthiest places in the United States, the Silicon Valley in California. The presentation begins by noting that California’s Silicon Valley is one of the wealthiest places… Read Article →

In most families one spouse has assumed the primary responsibility for managing the family finances and planning for retirement. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with one person taking the lead on such matters, Savvy families ensure that although one spouse may be handling the day-to-day management, the other spouse has a say in charting… Read Article →

Report: The Plot Against Pensions (2013).  Anyone that has been following the story of Detroit’s emergency manager and the ongoing bankruptcy will find this report interesting. The author, David Sirota, evaluates the general state of the national debate over public pensions and makes the case that the impending collapse of pension programs is largely a… Read Article →

Documentary: Fixing the Future (2012). In this documentary, David Brancaccio asks the question, “Do people exist to serve the economy, or should the economy exist to serve the people?” Mr. Brancaccio visits people and organizations across the country that are attempting to reinvent the American economy at the grass root level. These pioneers look to… Read Article →

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