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When it comes to calculating interest, the two basic choices are simple and compound. Simple Interest is calculated one time solely as a percentage of the principal sum. As an example, if the principle is $100, and the interest rate is 4%, the value at the end of the interest period (e.g. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually) would be $104… Read Article →

Rightfully so, savvy investors pay close attention to their 401(k) fees. Average, every day 401(k) plans typically charge 1% or more of assets managed. Over the course of a working lifetime, this can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of my favorite television documentaries, The Retirement Gamble, presented by PBS on their excellent show, Frontline, notes… Read Article →

While I have recommended numerous books, along with other personal finance related media (i.e. documentaries, movies, reports, surveys, etc.) in the SavvyRecommendations section, Customize Wall Street: Take Control of Your Financial Future is the first book to be reviewed here at RetirementSavvy. As the title suggests, I heartily recommend the items that appear in that section…. Read Article →

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