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Stained Fortune

Paperback: 241 pages

Publisher: Water Street Press (2017)

Author Joe Calderwood was born and raised in Homestead, Florida and graduated from college in 1971 with a BBA. For many years he was a practicing CPA in Florida before beginning his career as a serial entrepreneur. Stained Fortune is his first novel and the first in the planned three-part Clint Kennedy series.

Having written two personal finance thrillers myself – Cream City Hustle and Sin City Greed – I was very interested when I received an invitation for a review copy of Stained Fortune. The press release description – In Stained Fortune … we meet Clint Kennedy, a career criminal who grew up poor alongside friends with money. And now it was his turn to enjoy the good life. He will do anything to make money, and sometimes he’ll pay the price. But that’s a risk he’s more than willing to take – was intriguing. I looked forward to reading a thriller with a financial component.

Money, Greed and Drugs

The author does a nice job of developing the characters and describing the various environments in detail without bogging the story down. To be certain, the story moves at a nice, brisk pace. The tale of money, greed, drugs and the banking system; and a sufficient number of twists and turns keep the reader engaged. 

Readers will note that the book is dedicated to the author’s life partner of thirty-five years and husband for two, thanks to the fairly recent [long overdue] Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. The homosexual innuendos which are woven into the story may be a new experience for some readers; however, they do not detract from the tale.

Final Thoughts

A good thriller, with a financial component, with interesting characters and sustained intrigue. The perfect companion for a long flight. Stained Fortune is available at Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.

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