Save Money on Christmas Shopping: Some Cool Tips for Retirees

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Saving money for shopping gets a bit difficult for the retirees at this point of time in the year when you hear the jolly jingles and are all set to enjoy the Christmas. So, should the retirees stop enjoying their Christmas only because they can’t shop lavishly? Of course not! They can also equally enjoy the Christmas as normal working people do. And for that a bit of planning is required and nothing else.

Money management during the festive season gets a bit tough. But it’s not impossible. If you are a retiree and are thinking of how to manage your Christmas expenses, then read on to get some ideas on how you can shop for Christmas without hurting your wallet:

Happy Holidays

Start Your Shopping Early

There are many people who start their Christmas shopping when they hear the holy hymn. If you are one of them, then you are too late to catch the cool discounts at the stores. Don’t shop just a few days before the Christmas arrives. Instead, shop a few months before the Christmas. Always keep your eyes open while you are on the streets. And, if you find out something perfect at the right price, then just buy it. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Weigh Your Pocket Before Buying

Before you buy something, check out your pockets first. Already you have limited money for shopping. So, don’t buy the things that you can’t afford. Spend on something that you can manage. Don’t forget to check your wallet before going for Christmas shopping. Ignoring your financial position can lead you to great troubles afterward.

Giving Gifts Don’t Always Require Money

You can’t buy happiness with money. Similarly, you don’t always require money to enjoy your Christmas or to give gifts. Shower your love as a gift for your beloved this Christmas. Spend time with them and enjoy some we-time with your near and dear ones. Happiness is the best gift you can give to anyone.

Avoid Impulsive Buying

If you have the habit of buying everything that you see, then control your violent shopping instinct. Remember that your money won’t multiply. So, buy the thing that you really need and try to avoid impulsive buying as much as possible.

Use Technology to Sell Your Old Stuff

The best way to make money for Christmas shopping is to sell your old stuff. If you are falling short of money for purchasing your favorite Christmas cake, then use technology to your rescue. Look around and sort out the things that you no longer need or the ones you’re no more using. Go online and sell those to get extra money. Don’t forget to do the market research so that you can get a good price for your stuff.

Draft a Shopping List and Stick to it

If you want to enjoy a hassle free Christmas shopping, then make a shopping list. When you are heading towards the store make sure that you carry your shopping list. Stick to your shopping list so that you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

Compare Prices Before You Buy

Whether or not you are buying something big, it’s always rational to compare the prices. Try to compare the prices at different stores online and offline. This can save you a lot of bucks. Also, don’t forget to read the reviews before you shop. It’s another cool idea that can save you dollars. Make sure to look out for special offers before buying anything.

Reap Benefits from Credit Card Rewards Programs

Do you use credit cards for Christmas shopping? If so, then take advantage of the credit card rewards programs. Choose a card that gives you reward points. You can redeem those points for gift cards, travel, or cash as per your requirement. But, make sure that you don’t cross your budget and pay off the entire balance at the end of each billing cycle. If possible, try to use cash when shopping as this will help to control your expenses.

Don’t let your retirement spoil your Christmas spirit. Look up and find out how you can save your money while you shop for the Christmas.

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  1. Glad that you found the article useful Brian. The idea of short-term savings account “Christmas Club” is also something worth considering. Thanks for your valuable input. Apart from the above mentioned ideas, sometimes we can even recycle our old/unused items to make some handicrafts, which can be used as a DIY gift or even for a party decoration purpose. Most importantly, we shouldn’t forget the fact, that in life what matters most is the time that we spent with our dear ones and the feelings we have for them.

  2. Great list James.

    Two things I’ve learned from my (recently) retired parents; shop early and use of a short-term savings account “Christmas Club.”

    • Love the idea of a ‘Christmas Club’ account.

  3. Great list James. Two things I’ve learned from my retired parents; shop early (included) and to use a short-term savings account “Christmas Club” that they draw in October.

    I imagine the October withdrawal is the reason they are able to shop early.

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