Running in a New Environment

My father, who qualified and ran multiple Boston Marathons, as well as over 125 other marathons, was a runner. While I have completed one marathon and multiple half-marathons, I am not a runner in the way that he was. Though I enjoy getting out and breathing fresh air on a run, for me running is generally just one of the activities I practice in my quest to stay physically healthy.

However, my interest and enthusiasm for running increases exponentially when I have the chance to do so in a new environment. Traveling, for pleasure and business, provides opportunities to see and experience my surroundings in new ways.

Over the last few years I have had the chance to break out of the familiar environment in the high desert of Arizona and run along the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii and Guam, over rolling hills and through wine country in California’s Central Coast, on cool, wet mornings in urban areas in Germany, and most recently, in Western Australia.

Batavia Coast Marina – Geraldton, Australia

Indian Ocean – Geraldton, Australia

Langley Park & Swan River – Perth, Australia

Wherever your travels may take you, be ready to lace ’em up and take in a new environment. Stay fit and live well, my friends.

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  1. I’ve done two marathons (jogged – not really run!) but we chose to do “destination” marathons! I loved running in new areas and agree it was a great way to see the sites and get the “lay of the land”. We’ve backed away from running since hip and knee surgeries – but try to walk in place of running. Not quite the same – but trying to preserve those joints! Love the pics!

    • Walking is a great substitute or complement to running. The wife and I do both with and without the dogs.

  2. Man, Australia is beautiful. So glad Mrs. G and I have this country on our travel to-do list. Hopefully, we’ll be there in 2018. Thanks for the pictures and thanks for a great tip on how to explore a new place (run!).

    • I plan to get back to Australia, and neighboring New Zealand, with the wife and see/do more. Great place.

  3. Looks amazing James! And what a great (and affordable) way to take in new sights. Australia looks awesome! 🙂

    • It really is a beautiful place. This was a business trip which took me to three different areas. However, I absolutely plan to come back with the wife and explore more.

  4. James, we’re alike in many ways, my friend. I’ve run 1 marathon (just to see what it felt like to run 26.2 miles), and ~a dozen half marathons.

    I travel quite a bit on biz, and have kept a ‘running log’ of all of the places I’ve run. Best way to see a new area!

    To date, I’ve run in 34 States, 23 Countries and 5 of Canada’s Provinces. Never travel without a pair of running shoes!!

    • Indeed. I always ensure I have good pair of running shoes. I always try to get in goodbruns while traveling, particularly the first morning after a long flight. A good sweat – and view of the surrounding area – is the best way to start a trip.

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