Preparing for Your Permanent Vacation

All frequent travelers have one thing in common … they know that it takes time to prepare for a good vacation. You need to set up travel and transportation arrangements, secure lodging, and plan awesome activities and dining for when vacation finally starts!

All in all, a good vacation happens from educating yourself on the location you want to go and preparing ahead of time to make sure you have a great time.

For me, I view retirement like a permanent vacation. I am determined to not allow my “golden years” be thwarted by a lack of education and preparation … I want to have everything in place, and all my bags packed (so to speak) before I get there.

Retirement is a big monster. Having had a few jobs in the retirement industry, I can tell you it’s easy to get confused. The industry is forever changing and there is a laundry list of terminology to learn.

I believe that everyone deserves to have the retirement that they want.  My purpose with this article is to provide some basic retirement advice, tips and knowledge about retirement plans and how to get your retirement planning back on track …

Check out Jacob Merkley’s thoughts on how to prepare for retirement … your permanent vacation.

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  1. James – Thanks for sharing my article! I love what you are doing with RetirementSavvy. Retirement is such a big deal, and I love that you are spreading the word. Happy Holidays!

    • You’re welcome, my friend. Always pleased to share good information.

  2. Great article James. I hadn’t really thought of preparing for retirement this way. But it makes perfect sense. Cheers!

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