Operation Money

Operation MoneyBook: Operation Money (2014). Jean Chatzky  – a well-known financial journalist who serves as AARP’s personal finance ambassador, a contributing editor for Fortune magazine and the NBC Today Show financial editor – offers  this book, one of her most recent efforts, as a free financial guide for military service members and families.

NBC Publishing describes the book as a mission-based guide that provides detailed resources to prevent money problems before they happen; gives service  – and former service – members the tools to manage through a tough situation if they are already facing one; and empowers service members to figure out how best to plan for their future – either in or out of the military – and then assists in doing so.

Topics covered in the book include budgeting, debt, credit, homeownership, cars, savings, investing, financial protection, college, transitions and finances for caregivers. While the book is geared toward active and former service members, the lessons discussed in the book can be applied by most anyone.

The .pdf version of the book is available here. Standard eBook Edition downloads for various devices including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google and Kobo; and downloads for Enhanced eBook Edition devices including Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble can be found here.

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