My Mountain of Debt

Application Game: My Mountain of Debt (2014). I have discussed debt on numerous occasions – herehere and here – because it is an insidious beast which negatively impacts retirement plans. Therefore, I was pleased when I discovered My Mountain of Debt, an ios app that looks at debt reduction in a new way. It brings visual fun to debt reduction!

I’m pleased that Chris, from Fun with Data, has taken the time to discuss this week’s recommendation.

If people have fun working out, will they be more likely to stick to their fitness goal? If people have fun paying off debt, will they be more likely to stick to their goal of becoming debt free? At Fun with Data, we think so and that’s exactly why we created a completely new debt reduction concept.

My Mountain of Debt

My Mountain of Debt StoryTake the visual fun of animations and merge it with the not so fun task of paying off debt and what you get is a completely new way to visualize your debt reduction progress. Think of a video game without a controller in which all actions and animations are driven by how much you lower your debt each payment. Simply enter up to 16 debt categories and your balances in each category.

Then sit back and watch a fun animated introduction. Every time you lower your balance, enter in that new balance and watch the main character Sam pick away at your mountain of debt. Each block on the mountain represents a percentage of your debt, so the more debt you pay off in real life, the more your virtual mountain crumbles.

Having a debt reduction strategy is extremely important but what’s even more important is that you stick to that strategy. This is often overlooked since most people focus almost entirely on the strategy. Once the initial excitement wears off, they fall back into old habits. My Mountain  of Debt is geared to keep you on track for the long haul because it makes paying off debt simple and fun.

You work hard every month and make sacrifices in order to lower those balances. If you’re looking for a visual treat for all your efforts, check out My Mountain of Debt now available in the app store. If you would like to learn more and see a fun short promo video please visit

Paying off debt is tough!

My Mountain of Debt Icon

Lets make it fun!

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  1. A reader on Twitter notes…

    “Great concept for a game. I’ve looked at it. Could also be used to introduce kids to understanding debt.”

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