Maximize Your Business Storage Space with Pallet Racking

Business storage space is always at a premium. If you have plenty of spare storage space in your warehouse or storage yard, then it is fair to say that you are probably paying too much for your premises and can afford to downsize. For any business to be running without excessive costs its storage space ought to be maximized. If you are a business owner seeking for ways to optimise your storage space, you can consider racking systems like pallet racking, which are known to enhance the storage capacity by allowing inventory or goods to be stored on pallets.

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Utilize Vertical Space with Pallet Racking

The costs associated with business premises – whether owned or rented – are most usually measured in terms of the footprint. The number of square meters that is being paid for will vary from business to business, so the vertical space should be maximized before paying for more floor space is considered. Because it is all too easy to respond to the need for more storage by using more floor space, warehouses can soon become unkempt.

In order to make use of the vertical space, pallet racking can be availed from companies such as Warehouse Storage Solutions Ltd, as it not only provides a cost-effective use of the available height, but also helps to rationalize items in a storage system making it easier for staff to navigate and find the things they need.

External Pallet Racking

Many people think that pallet racking is only good for items stowed away in storage rooms or warehouses. However, they are equally good for the external storage of items so long as they can be kept outdoors in the first place. Metalwork and building materials, for example, are often kept in a storage yard, but can be organized in a much more efficiently with external pallet racking. Good external pallet racking should be galvanized to protect it from the elements and provide years of continued usage. Conventional external pallet racking systems are mounted into a concrete base which means that they can cope with heavier loads and the bulkiest of items without the risk of toppling over.

Picking and Stock Keeping

Correctly picking components from a bill of materials is one of the things that slick manufacturers do well. With fully maximized storage space that utilizes pallet racking, achieving the efficiency of first-time picking becomes so much easier. This is especially the case when smaller stock items and pre-assembled components are kept in handy foldable pallet cases which keep everything neatly together on a rack. These cases also come in handy when stock checking and mean that much more accurate counts are taken which can lead to further efficiencies by avoiding unnecessary purchasing, for example.

Whether an individual or a business, it pays to be frugal and seek out solutions that will save you money.

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  1. We have been looking for a good way to save on storage space, and pallet racking definitely seems like a great idea. The other day we went to our friends storage facility and noticed that he really was able to utilize all of the vertical space with pallets. This meant that they needed a taller loader to get to certain things, but it was definitely worth it. Looked a lot like the picture you feature here too. Thanks for the tips.

    • Glad to hear the post was helpful. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

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