Living Frugally: Possible Side Effects

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I don’t know about you, but if taking a pill brings with it “possible thoughts of suicide” I tend to think it may not be the pill for me. Have you ever read the possible side effects on Frugallymany prescription pill bottles? Many times the combination of side effects are worse than the original sickness.

It just seems like there has to be a better, and more frugal, way to deal with illness. I remember watching a documentary several years ago which featured a mother who was depressed and withdrawn, literally spending all day with her face in a corner of her house, crying.

For months her family tried to help by taking her to doctor after doctor. None of them could help her using their traditional methods. Finally the husband decided to try vitamin therapy by giving the wife high doses of Niacin. Within two weeks the husband had his energetic, happy and productive wife back. The children enjoyed time with their mother once again. There were zero negative side effects.

Just to be sure everything was ok mentally and physically, and to share the good news, the husband took his wife to the family doctor. Seeing the positive change in his patient the doctor asked what they did to cause such remarkable results. When the couple explained, the doctor expressed concerns about “having her on such high doses of Niacin.”  So, because they trust their doctor they stopped the vitamin therapy. The result? Mom went back to the corner, weeping, depressed and feeling alone.

NiacinDoes this make sense to anyone? Is this what we want from our health ‘care‘ system? Of course it’s not. This family took control after seeing that the medical community had failed this loving wife and mother. Their decision to take the reins yielded positive results and saved them money since they no longer were visiting the doctor. It was not until they gave control back to their physician that the negative results returned.

As consumers, we have the right to demand genuine, results based health care. We have the right to utilize methods of improving health without endangering our lives and wasting our money. Would you drive recklessly down the freeway at 95 miles per hour, swerving from lane to lane, without a seatbelt on? Of course you wouldn’t, because you’d be putting your life in jeopardy.

Your health care should also be approached in this manner. Let’s take control of the situation when our physician says he/she is going to prescribe a possibly harmful pill. Let’s put our hard-earned cash to work for us, providing healthy foods which keep away everything from depression to cancer. And if your doctor cannot prescribe a method of improving your health without endangering your life, maybe you should spend your money elsewhere.

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