Living Frugally: Health Choices and Your Bottom Line

Healthy DietsThis topic, fiscal and physical fitness, was discussed by SavvyJames in a previous post. Here’s my take on this important issue. When it comes to reaching financial goals, many people think about the obvious must-dos like spending less than you make, saving, investing, looking for bargains and in general, living a more frugal lifestyle. All these and many other actions are essential to reaching a point of real financial freedom.

However, there is one area that greatly affects the bottom line, which many unfortunately, seem to forget about completely. We have forgotten the connection between attaining wealth and makingCouch Potato good health choices. We do things each day which either support or deter good health. Fast food or a salad; workout or lie in bed for another hour? Obviously, the salad would add vital nutrients to your body whereas the fast food would add unwanted calories stored as fat, and over time, enter diabetes.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that being healthy is less costly than being unhealthy. We believe this so much that we spend hundreds per month on health insurance in order to have access to medical advice and emergency procedures, all in an effort to maintain optimal health. However, doctors visits and medication can be costly even with insurance.

So wouldn’t it be more advantageous to make better health decisions which would reduce your need to spend money at the doctor’s office, pharmacy and the emergency room? Habits such as smoking lead to all kinds of costly, life threatening ailments. Get that “high” from a daily workout instead.

Shop … And Eat More Frugally

Hello, couch potatoes! Did you know that walking just thirty minutes a day is not only free but it helps keep your immune system strong enough to fight off sickness, which in turn keeps medical bills away from your mailbox?

In future posts on this topic, I’ll be diving deeper into the connection between your physical fitness and your fiscal fitness. I look forward to your feedback.

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  1. I meant differently not coherently 🙂

    • I think it could be a case of both, differently and coherently.

  2. There definitely seems to be a link between being healthy and being rich. I think it works both ways, as rich people tend to be healthy and when you are healthy you have more chance of getting rich.

    • Couldn’t agree more. As I have noted previously, achieving – and maintaining – fiscal and physical fitness are certainly two linked concepts. Thanks for stopping by, Robert.

    • Thanks for the comment Robert. The rich definitely have a different mindset than the poor do. They think coherently when it comes to both attaining and sustaining wealth. Being healthy is one of the key factors. When you’re healthy you can concentrate, focus & remain determined to reach your financial goals. Being sick puts a strain on you mentally and physically which makes us less likely to succeed financially.

  3. Thanks for the kind comments Karen! I pray this message gets into the minds of the masses in a profound way. Other countries are much healthier than we are in America, partly, because they make better health choices. That should serve as a big hint!!

  4. I could not agree more. There are SO many benefits to being physically fit, health insurance is only one of them. I really look forward to reading your next posts. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

  5. Absolutely agree! Prevention is the best medicine, right? I think people tend to forget that being physically fit in the present will help save health costs in the future.

    • “….being physically fit in the present will help save health costs in the future.” Absolutely. And any savings on health care costs translates to less drag on a retirement portfolio. Thanks for stopping by, Kay.

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