Living Frugally: Disregard the Naysayers

Adopt a More Frugal LifestyleI was recently exploring several personal finance blog sites I subscribe to and have noticed a pattern among the comments in stories about us frugal folks. We constantly run into opposition and misunderstanding from those who do not quite get our non-traditional mindset. We are spoken to rudely or given weird looks by those who don’t understand our decision to go against the grain.

Some of us, like Green Money Stream, grow our food instead of buying it and do not buy things like Twinkies for our children. Upon learning this, our friends, family, and neighbors tell us we are depriving our children.

Many frugal folks, like SavvyJames, seek to buy used cars and drive them until the wheels fall off. Others look at this choice as a result of being cheap, penny-pinching Grinches. They may even make fun of our vehicle because it’s old and out of date.

Despite this opposition, we move forward with our gardens of free food and our old, paid-off vehicles because of one very liberating fact…we are free from the bondage of public opinion. (This concept is very close to being free from materialism, which I’ve written about in The Frugal Mentality.) The difference here is that we do not concern ourselves with the idea that we must do as our friends, family, and Hollywood do because it’s the way it’s always been done. Neither are we swayed back and forth by ever-changing fads and fashions. We can purchase a tiny or small home, unshackled from the popular mindset that bigger is better. We pay to have shoes repaired, save as much as possible, invest, create emergency funds, etc. And we are happy!

We are not stressed out by wondering if the person next to us approves of our expensive three-piece suit or we are doing enough to keep up with the Joneses. We are fully content in our resale shop purchased blue jeans and jacket. We are not trapped in the tradition of replacing our sound system with the latest upgrades. We are just fine with the straight-from-the-factory system that came with our used vehicle. Also, if we have financed our used vehicle, we are thrilled to know we’ll pay it off in less time than it will take our neighbor to pay off his brand new, completely unnecessary Hummer. To be honest, I actually get a kick out of that.

So, let the masses say what they will, we are resolved to save in any way we can for the betterment of our loved ones and a financially secure future; and honestly, we just don’t care what others may think … ahhhh that felt good. Live more frugally and live more comfortably!

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  1. 1. we don’t buy junk we don’t need, it’s a waste of money and it doesn’t make us feel good.
    2. we won’t feed our child with that crap, she won’t be deprived, she’ll actually enjoy a HEALTHY nutrition, with home made meals, organic fruits and the occasional sweet stuff.
    3. we’re also being criticized by some people and we really don’t care. What we do WORKS, we’re happy and fulfilled 😉

    • All true. Thanks for stopping by, dojo.

  2. It sure does feel good! I certainly can appreciate this article as I deal with my share of naysayers – family can be the worst sometimes! Luckily, I am meeting a whole community of like minded individuals through blogs like this and for that I am very appreciative.

    I continue to enjoy this series. I laughed out loud at the thought of Savvy James driving his car until the wheels fall off! I’m well on my way to doing that right now!

    • Yep, Fortunately, I no longer have a desire to always have a “new” car. Owning a car (cars actually, as the wife’s is also paid off) is quite liberating. We have vowed not to purchase another car(s) until we absolutely have to. In the interim, we will take care of these (i.e. stay on top of the maintenance) and use the money that would normally go to never ending car payments, to better fund our retirement. liberating indeed!

    • 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the series Green Money Stream. I love the fact that I’ve found a community of people who love being frugal and won’t give it up because we understand the benefits. And yes, the mental picture of SavvyJames driving a car till the wheels fall off is pretty entertaining.

      • TWO PAID-OFF CARS is a situation that most people never achieve, good job my friend! You’ve reached a point where nobody can legally step in and take those vehicle from you and your wife. You’ve also held on to a greater percentage of the money you’ve earned compared to Mr. Gotta Have It New.

        • Yep, and the great thing is that both cars are in very good/excellent shape and we both still “like” our respective cars. There is no reason we should need a new one any time in the near future. No car payment(s) is truly liberating!

      • I will have to ensure that I keep a camera with me at all times to ensure that I capture the very moment!

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