Living Frugally: A Little Coconut Medicine

Can you think of a medicine, a single pill, that serves as an antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial all in one?

Imagine if there was just one pill that fought off a viral infection along with the microbials that cause so many illnesses. Folks would flock to it in droves. The medical community would market it, charging and arm and a leg knowing the public would pay anything to enjoy its benefits.


Great news: This “pill” actually exists.

A short story: My wife felt sick the other day and I insisted we get this “pill” and mix it into a homemade shake. Off to the store we went. Thirty minutes after a nice, big, home-made concoction including strawberries, almond milk, and 2 baby coconuts, she felt much better.  The “pill” I refer to is organic, baby coconuts (aka young coconuts).

For several years coconuts have been an important part of the Bright family diet. It has helped us, time and time again, to get over stomach bugs and avoid the flu. There have been many times when my wife and I were at work, surrounded by folks who didn’t share our views on the connection between diet and sickness. Co-workers would miss days of work – without pay – and spend time and money at the doctor’s office while my wife and I remained healthy, didn’t miss work and didn’t hand over our cash to a doctor.

How am I so sure all this is due to coconuts in our diet?

When we moved to Houston from Idaho Falls, it  became a bit harder to maintain the organic, vegan lifestyle. One thing we bought less of was coconuts. We noticed a dramatic change in our health. We were more easily affected by sicknesses and weather changes. We gained weight and found it harder to lose weight.

Now that we have coconuts back into our diet things are quickly improving. This is not a coincidence.

Evidence of coconut’s contribution to health can be found in the book “The Coconut Oil Miracle” by Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D. with a foreword by Jon J. Kabara, Ph.D.Young Coconuts

I’m a big believer in the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  In other words, stick with what works!

I have no reason to fork over my hard-earned cash to a doctor who will, more than likely, prescribe some sort of pill or liquid which may cause a side effect worse than the sickness that brought me to his/her office in the first place.

The side effects of a homemade shake including coconuts: less hunger, enjoying great taste, arming my body with germ-fighting foods, and learning to be creative with my food.  Those are side-effects I’ll happily deal with.  One last side effect, keeping more of my money where it should be…in my bank account.

How about you SavvyReader.  Are you familiar with young coconuts?  Are there any fruits or vegetables that you rely on to help you maintain optimal health?

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  1. If you are stuck on an island with coconuts and need a blood transfusion, you could crack open a coconut and set up an IV to survive.

    Coconut water is surprisingly close and extremely nutritious as a substitute for blood.

    … that was off topic but I always like trotting out that fact.

    • An interesting share. I took a few minutes to visit your blog and found it quite interesting. I noticed that you share your net worth, something I have done recently in the Value of My Retirement Portfolio; and I was most interested to see, that like me, you do not include the value of items such as a home or vehicles. I also enjoyed reading your Views on Money. Good stuff. I encourage others to check it out. Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation.

    • Actually the fact that coconut water can (& has been) used as a replacement for blood speaks directly TO the point. The fact that it can be used in place of our very blood, the thing that sustains our lives, says A LOT about its nutrition content & its power to sustain life. I really appreciate your comment & hope to see more in the future.

  2. A large portion of my health philosophy is based on the idea that “an apple a day keeps the Dr. away.” In other words, most health issues can be avoided with proper diet.

  3. Kay, we buy our coconuts from a few different grocery stores. If there aren’t any on the shelves I’ll ask the head of the Produce Dept. to order a case for us with his/her next order. Shenae & I make a point to request “organic baby coconuts.”

    Shake recipe: Crack open on coconut. Pour the liquid in the blender. Scoop out the white meat from inside the coconut & add it to the blender. Add a handful each of a couple organic frozen berries, a little Almond milk, 1 or 2 frozen bananas…blend & you’re done. (Add ice and blend if you want it thicker).

  4. I have an aunt with lupus who swears by coconuts. But where do you get young coconuts? Are they in supermarkets? Also, how about the recipe for that shake? How do you use the coconut in it? (I guess I’m just full of questions today 🙂 )

    • Good question, Kay with regards to the where to get them. I was thinking the same thing myself. Although we do most of our shopping at a traditional supermarket, we do belong to a co-op that has a lot of organic fruits & vegetables and I plan to check there next week.

      A question for everyone. Is there a fruit or vegetable that you swear by with regards to helping maintain optimal health?

      • I’ll check our local co-op as well. I don’t have a fruit or veggie I swear by, but we eat a ton of kale (organic) from our garden in summer. And it might be silly, but I believe in the benefits of “an apple a day”.

        • I also like apples…and raw spinach. I typically put apples in my daily smoothie.

  5. Thanks for the comments Jon & Mark Ross. Coconuts are an amazing fruit. I love that there are natural cures that can help families maintain optimal health increasing without health, having to deal with side-effects & maintaining a Frugal Lifestyle.
    I look forward to more of your comments!!

  6. Coconut=the tree of life

    Here in our country, we have many herbal pills that include part/s of a coconut in it. We used them before and it really does have good effects to our body.

  7. I had never heard of the health benefits of baby coconuts! We always like to eat berries… especially blueberries and blackberries when they are on sale, because it seems like they have so many health benefits, especially anti-inflammatory. But I’m going to have to look out for these when I go to the store next!

    • Similar story here, Jon. I love blueberries and blackberries (as well as strawberries) and use them extensively in my morning smoothie. While I was aware of some of the benefits of coconuts – I do like coconut soy in my smoothies – I had never really heard of young (baby) coconuts and their specific health benefits. Definitely something that will be on my shopping list. Thanks for stopping by and kicking off the conversation.

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