How Motorcycles Keep You Active During Retirement

If you’re preparing for retirement, you may be wondering how you will be spending all of your free time. Even if you have hobbies, they may not measure up to the amount of energy and investment that your job took. Therefore, you may need to supplement your activities with something else.

One of the best ways to stay active during your golden years is to take up motorcycling. Seriously.

The Open Road Awaits You

At first glance, you may think that riding a motorcycle may be dangerous, but the fact is the sport is relatively comparable to driving a car, as long as you know what you’re doing. As long as your ride has high-quality Kawasaki parts (or other brands) it can be a fantastic retirement gift. Here are three reasons to retire on the back of a motorcycle.

Stay Social: As we age, our group of friends gets smaller and smaller. Having people to spend time with is essential to keeping your body and mind in peak condition, so you have to make sure to continue to form lasting friendships. Thankfully, bikers are a very inclusive group, so as soon as you take up motorcycling, you have a built-in network of new friends that you can meet and socialize with.

Maintain Your Reflexes: If you’re sitting around all day, then your brain will start to forget how to operate. To keep your mind fresh, you need to keep it working. The best way to do that is to strap on some speed and strength gloves and take your bike out for a spin. You will keep your brain sharp and help ensure that your reflexes are in tip-top shape.

Stay Independent: Part of the reason that many seniors don’t get out and about is that they don’t have a car or cannot drive. Taking up motorcycling means that you can maintain your independence and head out whenever you want. Just be sure to take your Arai full face helmet with you.

Final Thoughts

Find new activities and hobbies to combine with your current activities. Doing so will help to ensure that you remain busy and engaged in retirement.


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  1. Couldn’t agree more JM, in fact, Mrs C and I are adding saddlebags to our “scoot” and are shopping for a folding motorcycle trailer to tow behind her car. Drive defensively, always wear a helmet, don’t ride at night and motorcycling can be a terrific addition to a retirees lifestyle!

    Shall I assume that there’s a bike in your future?

    • Great to hear from you, my friend. While possible, I’m not sure at this point if a bike – other than my road bike – is in my future. However, I like the idea of incorporating new activities into my life, pre- and post-retirement.

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