Guidance for Long-Term Successful Investing

The following recommendations are from the Intelligent Investing with Steve Forbes series. Intelligent Investing

Video: Expert Investors on Saving for Retirement (2011). Steve Forbes sits down with six well known, successful investors and picks their brains with regards to investing for an increasingly long retirement period. The finance gurus sharing their wisdom include Ken Kamen (Mercadien Asset Managment), Jack Bogle (Vanguard Group), Ken Fisher (Fisher Investments), Todd Morgan (Bel Air Investment Advisors), Jim Reynolds (Loop Capital) and Michael Mauboussin (Legg Mason).

Ensure you listen closely to Jack Bogle’s comments regarding financial advisors and fees. This short video, at just over 19 minutes, is well worth your time.

Available for streaming at YouTube.

Video: Jeremy Siegel Still Invests for the Long Run (2011). Another finance guru, Jeremy Siegel, sits down with Steve Forbes. A finance professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, he is perhaps best known for his book, Stocks for the Long Run, which details safe and efficient investing for the long-term investor and is considered by many to be a must read for those interested in finding success in the stock market.

Stocks for the Long RunIn spite of the 2008 economic collapse, Professor Siegel makes the case, as you might expect from the title of his book, that investors have to think in terms of long-term investing (~ 20 years) and not be dissuaded by short-term hiccups (corrections) in the stock market.

Watching this video – a relatively short interview at just over 23 minute – is time well spent.

Available for streaming at YouTube.

So SavvyReader, what do you think of the guidance offered by these investing gurus and have you read Professor Siegel’s book? I have and heartily recommend it.

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