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I have talked about the impacts of smoking on both physical and fiscal health on multiple occasions. In Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em … or Not, I related how dumbstruck I was when I recently found out exactly how much a cartoon of cigarettes cost – I knew they were expensive but had no idea how expensive – and I shared the story of some friends who gave up the habit after 35 years following a health scare and a commitment to spend their money more wisely.

A free electronic book to assist researchers, practitioners, advocates, students and others interested in working to end smoking, one of the leading causes of death and disease globally, has been released by the School of Public Health at Georgia State University.

GSU - School of Public Health

Dr. Michael Eriksen, dean of the School of Public Health, is the senior author of Principles of Tobacco Control: Extinguishing the Habit, which explores the history of tobacco as well as today’s urgent issues, from the rapid rise of novel tobacco products such as e-cigarettes to regulations surrounding tobacco use, marketing and other aspects of industry behavior. This digital publication also examines the harm caused by tobacco use and offers solutions for successful tobacco control.

Principles of Tobacco Control: Extinguishing the Habit, which is available in iBook format for Mac and iPad users, contains interactive features, including video, graphics …

Read more and download the e-book.

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