Father’s Day Weekend Giveaway

Leave a comment, indicating the best personal finance advice your father or grandfather ever gave you, and receive a complimentary copy [Kindle Edition] of Cream City Hustle or Sin City Greed … indicate your preference. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and grandfathers!

CCH - Paperback Cover     Sin City Greed_Bowker Cover

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  1. My Dad taught us to save for future so we could live well in retirement. He always said, do not buy things you want, just what you need. And He always believed in me.

    • Love the last part, “He always believed in me.” A preference for either of the books?

  2. My dad was a small time farmer and never owned a credit card and never had debt. He lived within his means……we never had things terribly fancy, but our family traveled and wanted for nothing. His advice was always to buy nothing you haven’t already saved for. I’ve followed in his footsteps and although I’ve had mortgages and credit cards, I’m now mortgage-free, debt-free, and pay the full balance on my credit card every month. Good advice, Dad.

    • Great advice which has obviously served you well. Thanks for kicking off the conversation, Britt. A preference for either of the books?

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