Movie: Equity (2016). This recommendation is unlike any I’ve made in the past. That’s because the movie has yet to be released. In fact, its nationwide
 release is not until September 2nd. Therefore, my request is that if you’ve
 seen this movie – it is currently being shown in limited release in some
 cities and has probably been shown at some film festivals – please leave a
 comment and share your thoughts; and my ‘recommendation’ is that you go see
 this movie when it’s released.


Why recommend that you go see this movie? Three reasons. First, as a fan of personal finance and investing, I have an interest in most movies that deal
 with that subject matter, and since you’re here, I assume you do as well. So 
hey, let’s support movies that deal with one of our interests. Second, I
 love Anna Gunn, the lead in this movie. Most viewers will recognize her as 
Skyler, the wife of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in Breaking Bad, the best
 television show ever by the way. I’m interested in seeing her in this leading role.
 Third, it’s rare that we see women as the leads in
 this type (i.e. Wall Street, banking, finance) of movie. Unfortunately, women are rarely cast in substantive roles in movies about finance and investment banking. The only one that comes to mind is Demi Moore in Margin Call, a great movie – and past recommendation – that far too many people are unaware of. I look forward to
 what I assume will be a different perspective.

We know in general – finance and banking – what the movie is about. More
 specifically, here is the movie synopsis as detailed on its website.

‘A female investment banker, fighting to rise to the top of the corporate ladder at a competitive Wall Street firm, navigates a controversial tech IPO in the post-financial crisis world, where loyalties are suspect, regulations are tight, but pressure to bring in “big money” remains high.

Equity is about women on Wall Street. It’s a Wall Street drama, but it’s not about corruption, crime, or catastrophe. It’s about women who thrive on competition and ambition, deals and strategy, but who must carefully calibrate every aspect of their lives, professional and private, to stay equal in the game.

Equity is directed, written, produced, and financed by women, a collaboration among women in entertainment and business leaders in finance – the real-life women of Wall Street – who chose to invest in this film because they wanted to see their story told.’

You can check out the trailer here …

Also, you might be interested in checking out this Recent On Point podcast, where the host, Tom Ashbrook, spoke with co-star Alysia Reiner and director Meera Menon. Give it a listen if you’ve got 45 minutes …

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  1. I genuinely cannot remember the last movie I watched. But this seems like a fine reason to get back into the groove! Thanks for the heads up!

    • I’m looking forward to it. The reviews so far look pretty good and I love the subject matter … we’ll see. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, my friend.

  2. This looks interesting, James. And power to the ladies for getting top billing above the title!

    I looked for Margin Call on Netflix but didn’t find it. Perhaps we’ll settle for the Big Short. Have you seen “Waffle Street”? We enjoyed that one. It’s based on a true story about a guy who gets fired from Wall Street. And he takes a job at a Waffle House.

    • It looks as though Margin Call is no longer available on Netflix which is too bad. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I haven’t heard of Waffle House but it is now on the top of my ‘must see’ list.

      It is available on Amazon [$3.99 for an HD rental] if you have a device capable of streaming.

      Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

    • We just watched the Big Short a few weeks ago. It was good (although I am not much of a movie critic!) My 17 year old watched it and recommended it! Thanks for these ideas though! We don’t watch many movies, but if I watch one – this is the kind of movie I like.

      • Look forward to getting your thoughts once you’ve had a chance to view it. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

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