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Coming soon, Personal Finance Puzzles and Quizzes.  This book was created as an extension of the weekly SavvyQuizzes that appear on this blog, based on the positive reception of that feature.  In this unique collection, readers will have a chance to test their knowledge of personal finance concepts through quizzes – comprised of multiple choice and True/False questions – and various types of puzzles.Personal Finance - Puzzles and Quizzes Cover

My experience has been that many people would like to have a better understanding of personal finance and retirement concepts.  Unfortunately however, they are often intimidated by the terminology and not quite sure where to start.  The objective of this book is to reinforce personal finance concepts and terms readers may already be familiar with, and encourage them to learn more about those they may not be as familiar with, all in a fun, laid back way.

Readers will be able to interactively answer and check their answers by tapping their selection.  The correct answer will prompt them to continue to the next quiz or puzzle; or return to the current quiz or puzzle.  An incorrect answer encourages readers to return to the quiz or puzzle and try again.  Additionally, links to the included Glossary of Terms are available – when applicable – adding to the learning experience.

Personal Finance Puzzles and Quizzes, the Kindle Edition, will be available within one week at  Get ready to break out your thinking cap and have fun!

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