Cherry MX Keyboard – A Product Review

The first thing most users will note about the Cherry MX Board Silent is its large size (7.7 x 18.5 x 1.7 inches and 2.1 pounds), relative to most other keyboards, and spartan design. With 104 keys and only Number Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock LEDs, it will never be described as ‘too busy.’

Focus on the Experience

However, lots of bells and whistles is not this keyboard’s selling point. That would be a focus on the typing experience and its patented noise reduction.

The manufacturer, Cherry, notes the keyboard is made with Blue Cherry MX switches and Gold Crosspoint contacts using an integrated 2-component stem which minimizes noise at bottom-out and top-out. The stated life cycle of over 50 million keystrokes per switch is an indicator of the keyboard’s durability. For more detailed information, check out the Technical Datasheet.

The MX Board Silent is offered in two versions, so the consumer can choose between two variants of the noise-reduced MX Silent switches. Both exhibit linear switching characteristics but differ in the required release force: 45 centinewtons for the MX Red Silent and for those who prefer a slightly higher resistance, 60 centinewtons for the MX Black Silent. The bounce is less than a millisecond, allowing for precise and instantaneous input.

The Cherry MX is fully compatible with PCs and Macs via a USB connection. An included USB to PS/2 adapter is included for on PCs that require PS/2. On the back of the Cherry, like other keyboards, you will find two height adjusting legs that pop up and lock into place.

Final Thoughts

Typing on the Cherry MX is a good experience. The keyboard provides more tactile feedback than other keyboards I have used. The build is sturdy, the keys are responsive, the input is instantaneous and as advertised, it is quiet in that the ‘clacking’ noise typically associated with keyboards and typing is reduced. Just so you know. the MX Board Silent is only available in international EU layout.

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