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In 2010, Sam Brownback, a sitting U.S. senator, ran for governor of Kansas on an economic platform created by the American Legislative Exchange Council, a group that specializes in promoting draft legislation. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Once elected, Brownback convinced state legislators to cut personal income tax rates across the board and eliminate the top tax bracket. The tax cuts were… Read Article →

The Blue Satin Nightgown: My French Makeover at Age 78 Paperback: 205 pages Publisher: CreateSpace (2016) Author Karin Crilly was a Marriage and Family Counselor for thirty years in Southern California. After two adventurous years of living in Aix-en-Provence, France – the home of renowned painter Cezanne – she returned to California and now lives in Laguna… Read Article →

Report: The Parent Trap: The Economic Insecurity of Families with Young Children (2016). In this report, Demos experts Amy Traub, Robert Hiltonsmith, and Tamara Draut take a close look at the economic conditions facing parents of young children. They explore the demographics and economic data on households with children under five years of age and… Read Article →

Balancing Act: Wealth Management Straight Talk for Women Paperback: 168 pages Publisher: Joslyn G. Ewart (2016) Don’t be thrown, or put, off by the title. This book is intended for women and men who want to gain perspective and learn strategies they need to make sound financial choices. The author, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), identifies personal finance concepts and tools and… Read Article →

If you are familiar with Kitchen Nightmares or Bar Rescue, where Gordon Ramsay and Jon Taffer respectively, guide failing people/businesses to success, you’re already familiar with the basic idea behind Life or Debt, a new show on Spike. Victor Antonio, filling the role of Ramsay or Taffer, serves as the show’s host and financial guide. His mission?… Read Article →

Expository Series: A Region Left Behind: Lost Opportunity in the Deep South (2015). In this series, courtesy of The Washington Post, the question is asked, “What went wrong with the deep south?” The writers, videographers, and photographers tell detailed stories about why many residents of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia continue to struggle financially. The five… Read Article →

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