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Expository Series: A Region Left Behind: Lost Opportunity in the Deep South (2015). In this series, courtesy of The Washington Post, the question is asked, “What went wrong with the deep south?” The writers, videographers, and photographers tell detailed stories about why many residents of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia continue to struggle financially. The five… Read Article →

Movie: The Debt (2015). Stephen Dorff and David Strathairn star in this tale about imperial opportunism, familial love, and patriotic loyalty. The drama is set against the backdrop of an international finance deal in Peru; a deal with profound social implications for six people split between three groups: a father and son (indigenous farmers), wealthy American businessmen (best friends),… Read Article →

The Thorium Stratagem  Paperback: 386 pages Publisher: Penset Press (2016) A first here at RetirementSavvy, a novel review. In Author Kent Hinckley’s new book, a shy financial analyst from New York, Wyatt Paxton, visits an old schoolmate in Moscow who works for the FSB, formerly known as the KGB, the infamous security, intelligence, and police agency of the Soviet… Read Article →

Television Show: The Profit (2016). On this CNBC Prime show, self-made millionaire and serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis lends his expertise to struggling businesses in various industries across the country by focusing on his oft-stated keys to success – people, process, and product – the three Ps. Serving as his own host, Lemonis analyzes businesses by what I… Read Article →

Television Show: Cleveland Hustles (2016). On this CNBC Prime show, NBA superstar and the show’s Executive Producer LeBron James and longtime friend and business partner Maverick Carter give four aspiring local entrepreneurs the chance to realize their dreams while also helping to revitalize a neighborhood in Cleveland. Host Bonin Bough and four local business leaders mentor the owners… Read Article →

A Capitalist’s Lament: How Wall Street Is Fleecing You and Ruining America Paperback: 240 pages Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (2016) Leland Faust is an honors graduate from both the University of California, Berkeley (Economics) and Harvard Law School. He is the founder of CSI Capital Management where he served as Chief Investment Officer for 33 years, supervising over $1.5 billion… Read Article →

Documentary: Class Divide (2016). In this HBO documentary, director Marc Levin takes a look at gentrification and growing inequality as it happens in Manhattan’s West Chelsea neighborhood. The film shines a light on two distinct worlds that share the same Chelsea intersection – 10th Avenue and 26th Street. On the East side of 10th avenue sits Chelsea-Elliot Houses… Read Article →

Making Money with Option Strategies: Powerful Hedging Ideas for the Serious Investor to Reduce Portfolio Risks Paperback: 203 pages Publisher: The Career Press, Inc. (2016) The About the Author at Amazon notes that author Michael C. Thomsett is a full-time writer, teacher, and speaker. His options courses have been sponsored by Moody’s Analytics as well as online on many… Read Article →

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