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Personal Finance Puzzles and Quizzes was created as an extension of the weekly SavvyQuizzes that appear on this blog, based on the positive reception of that feature. In this unique collection, readers will have a chance to test their knowledge of personal finance concepts through quizzes – comprised of multiple choice and True/False questions – and various types… Read Article →

RetirementSavvy is a Plutus Awards Finalist in the Best Personal Finance Blog for Retirement category.  Thanks to all that have subscribed to the blog and taken the time to engage via the SavvyDiscussions, SavvyRecommendations, and SavvyQuizzes.  If you would like to vote for this blog, I would certainly appreciate it!  

I remember the day it happened with amazing clarity.  As the morning sun heated my face, I stared unbelievingly at the bank statement that indicated a balance of -$1,540.  What? There’s no way my account is negative!  I have $15,000 in there! What happened?  Someone had stolen my identity!  While pretending to be me, this… Read Article →

While the focus on this blog remains retirement planning, there is the recognition that certain practices support that objective.  One such practice?  Economizing the use of resources…or living frugally.  Therefore, I am pleased to announce that starting this Saturday, September 7, we will present a Living Frugally article every Saturday.  A Guest Contributor, Mr. Taz… Read Article →

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