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As I noted early on in my first book, RENDEZVOUS WITH RETIREMENT: A Guide to Getting Fiscally Fit, just as being physically fit involves two critical components, controlling diet and exercising; being fiscally fit also involves two critical components, controlling debt and investing. Not only are both concepts built around two core components, they are… Read Article →

This topic, fiscal and physical fitness, was discussed by SavvyJames in a previous post. Here’s my take on this important issue. When it comes to reaching financial goals, many people think about the obvious must-dos like spending less than you make, saving, investing, looking for bargains and in general, living a more frugal lifestyle. All… Read Article →

As Congress prepares to finish up the $1.1. trillion spending bill required to keep the government open, a deal that will significantly impact pension plans is coming into focus. If you believe this deal is about ‘saving’ or ‘fixing’ pensions,  you haven’t been paying attention.The Congressional proposal would allow plans that are projected to run… Read Article →

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