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In the past, I have asked the question, “Is college worth it?” Not surprisingly, since so many people struggle with student loans, the question generated quite a bit of discussion with a wide variety of opinions. Interestingly, a new report from PayScale, creator of the largest database of individual compensation profiles in the world containing more… Read Article →

The ‘it’ is achieving financial freedom. Soon after the one year anniversary of this blog, in the post, Talking Personal Finance in Public Forums, I discussed my thoughts following the publication of my first book and one year’s experience managing the blog; and participating in personal finance conversations across multiple social media platforms. I noted… Read Article →

Savvy individuals appreciate that total well-being involves mental, spiritual, physical and financial – or fiscal as we like to say here at RetirementSavvy – fitness. In previous blog posts I have discussed the ways in which physical and fiscal fitness are linked concepts; and of course, financial fitness is a cornerstone of this blog. Manage… Read Article →

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