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The following is a guest post from Jason Labrum, founder and president of Labrum Wealth Management.  Jason is also author of the upcoming book Financial Detox: How to Steer Clear of Toxic Advice, Achieve Financial Independence and Manage Your Wealth for Maximum Impact. He is a fiduciary and holds a Series 65 securities license and… Read Article →

With Alexa, its digital [virtual] assistant, Amazon has ushered in the third computing platform. The first, personal computers, was dominated by Microsoft while Apple and Google have dominated the second, smartphones. While the interface with personal computers is characterized by a keyboard and mouse, and the interface with smartphones is defined by touchscreens, your voice… Read Article →

The Following is a guest post from Jack Teboda, president and founder of Teboda & Associates. Jack has more than 35 years experience helping people pursue financial independence through personalized investment strategies. His firm takes a team approach to providing advice to clients on retirement concerns and other financial planning issues. Teboda works with Kevin… Read Article →

Here at RetirementSavvy, we often talk about the importance of your fiscal health and your physical health; and the nexus between the two. Two well-known components of physical health are diet and exercise. There’s another which gets less attention: sleep. Does working more hours, and sleeping less, lead to greater income? I would suggest it’s… Read Article →

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