Calculating Your Life Expectancy

Here at RetirementSavvy we regularly note that total well-being is not only dependent on being financially – or fiscally fit – but also being physically fit. While most of us are working to ensure we’re financially ready for retirement, one thing that occasionally gets overlooked in retirement planning is how we’re going to manage our health.

There’s no point being comfortable financially if we’re not well enough to enjoy it. Diet, exercise and lifestyle choices, such as smoking, can significantly impact your quality of life, now and in those retirement years.

Hiking the Grand Canyon

How significant is the way you currently live your life? How much longer can you expect to live based on factors such as diet, exercise, income and sleeping habits? What can you expect with respect to quality of life? A group of actuaries took all of this into consideration when they came up with their life expectancy calculator.

Instead of focusing on when a user might die, the results predict how many healthy years may be remaining and how lifestyle impacts a healthy life expectancy. Depending on how you currently live your life, this could be depressing. However, it could also provide a very important wake-up call if you aren’t currently on a healthy path in life.

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