Digging Out of Debt

Television Show: Til Debt Do Us Part.  This CNBC Prime show observes that with ninety percent of marriages breaking up because of money problems, it’s no surprise that many couples are in desperate need of help tackling their financial issues.  On the show, renowned financial author and columnist, Gail Vaz-Oxlade takes a tough-love approach to getting couples in financial crisis to face reality.  Some of the couples profiled on the show are on the verge of bankruptcy – others are just getting by, but headed for disaster – either way, they all learn how to work their way out of debt and get the skills they need to plan for their financial future.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Gail Vaz-Oxlade


Blogger-in-Chief here at RetirementSavvy and author of Sin City Greed, Cream City Hustle and RENDEZVOUS WITH RETIREMENT: A Guide to Getting Fiscally Fit.


  1. I’ve spoken to so many couples who never talk about money with each other. They’ll speak with me and start to complain about each other. I’ll put them in a room and there is silence. Communication is so important prior to getting in a relationship, during and pre-marriage. Of course throughout the marriage and even towards retirement and after-life plans. But, its rarely spoken about just stressed over.

    • Jason,

      Your experience matches mine. I have also spoken to couples that speak past each other, never understanding – and/or agreeing – to what their financial objectives are or how to achieve them.


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