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Better, Richer, Fuller: How Building Your Financial House, Can Help Protect Your Loved Ones, Grow Your Assets and Free You to Live the American Dream

Paperback: 208 pages

Publisher: Bang Publishing (2017)

I consider myself an avid reader, on my personal blog there is a page dedicated to book reviews. I read all types of books, although most fall under the categories of finance, biography, humor, photography, new media and psychological/cultural analysis. As I’d read something funny, I’d read something serious and I told myself I would blog about every single book I read, and I learned very quickly that was not a good idea. Lol, so I now I simply read for pleasure realizing that I am not interested in making something I find highly pleasurable into a homework assignment. Some books I read and review and some I just read.

I don’t know if this is singular to me or if readers give special attention to a books dedication page, generally it is the first page I open to and read; who or what inspired the author to write? Greg Powell’s dedication in Better Richer Fuller – How Building Your Financial House Can Help protect Your Loved Ones, Grow Your Assets, and Free You to Live the American Dream tells me exactly the inspiration behind the writing. Also, not singular to me it shows the passion we all have, the desire in our heads & hearts to make an impact on the lives around us, those who would inspire us, embolden us to focus on the legacy we leave behind.

The American Dream

Powell, inspired by a definition of the American Dream in James Truslow, The Epic of America

“that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.”

Extracting three words that had the most meaning for the title, Better Richer Fuller describes the attention and passion for helping people become richer. Becoming richer means different things for everyone, Powell is a financial planner so helping make your money grow is his passion and it shows. While you read it also shows his passion for creating and sustaining a better and fuller life as well.

The Blueprint

As with any successful endeavor you need a plan, in Better Richer Fuller, Powell provides a financial plan, a blueprint for financial growth and security.

  • Identify your goals and dreams and create a strategy for pursuing them
  • Seek to protect and grow wealth
  • Ask the right questions so you can make more effective decisions about your money and your life
  • Enhance your lifestyle while decreasing your anxiety and fear
  • Coordinate your financial strategies with your lifetime goals and estate plans
  • Plan for the unexpected so that you can stay on track, no matter what
  • Engage confidently and communicate assertively with your financial advisor
  • Follow through on the financial plan you create.

Final Thoughts

Law #1: Money doesn’t give you confidence as quickly as confidence gives you money.

Better Richer Fuller is free of industry words and expressions, and Powell uses inspiring quotes referred to as “Powell’s Laws” and easy to follow assessments to help you build your financial house. Each chapter dedicated to the building process from Laying the Foundation to The Attic.

Powell concludes with a recommended reading section, he himself a passionate reader in which he states “… a day doesn’t go by where I don’t pick up a book looking for inspiration or knowledge that I can pass on to my clients.” Armed with inspiration and knowledge, I would add one of Powell’s laws to conclude

Law #2: There is no magical formula. Only your attitude, beliefs, and knowledge can move you forward.  

Better, Richer, Fuller: How Building Your Financial House, Can Help Protect Your Loved Ones, Grow Your Assets and Free You to Live the American Dream is available in hardcover at Amazon.


Brian Tramuel is a regular contributor and helms the ‘A Richer Understanding’ series. He lives with his wife Michelle, their children Geneva and Brian, and their Cocker Spaniel Maestro in Charlotte, NC. They, along with his two older children from a previous marriage, Davina and Aaron, provide a constant source of inspiration. Aaron lives, works and plays in Charlotte and Davina lives, works and plays in Roanoke, VA.

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